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10 Croatian Influencers You’ll Want to Follow in 2019

Ready to meet Croatia’s hottest group of rising influencers?

Covering everything from fitness and travel to fashion and beauty, you’ll look forward to seeing these bloggers and social media stars in your Instagram feed:

Ella Dvornik

Ella Dvornik

Ella Dvornik is a self described hedonist, shoe addict, and professional vacationer that collaborates with airlines, tourist boards, and fashion designers around the world. Although she's currently living in London, she's a columnist for, a popular Croatian newspaper.  

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to her blog and YouTube channel.  



Whether you're planning a trip to Croatia or love learning about new places, you'll want to follow Frank About Croatia, a blog he co-founded with his wife Vera. From cheap eats and car rentals to best beaches and things to do, their blog is a valuable resource. 

Subscribe to the blog and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.



For home decorating inspiration and tips, check out Maya's Instagram page. Based in Novi Marof, Croatia, Maya shares her decorating style, home, and pregnancy with refreshing warmth and humor.  

Follow Maya's Instagram account here.

Begonja Family

The Begonja Family

For travel info about Croatia, head over to Chasing the Donkey, a blog created by couple Sarah-Jane and Mate Begonja after they moved to Croatia from their native Australia. They share helpful information such as what to pack, where to stay, and things to do in Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania and beyond.

Subscribe to their blog here, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram

Marija Nikšić

Marija Niksic

Based in Zagreb, Marija Nikšić is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger that aims to show the world that great fashion and style is possible in a tight budget. 

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to her blog.

Marko Medić

Marko Medic

If you love traveling and exploring new cultures, you'll want to follow Marko Medić's personal blog, The Father of Djordje. On it he shares his adventures around the globe to 38 countries and counting, as well as travel tips and fashion. 

Follow his adventures on his blog and social media accounts; Facebook and Instagram



For the best of travel, lifestyle, and food in Croatia, head over to Miranda's blog and social media accounts. Along with gorgeous imagery, she shares the best destinations in Croatia for lodging, food, and activities. 

Follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her blog.



A native of Minnesota, USA, and now based in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Alex is the voice behind The Mindful Mermaid, a blog that contains a curated collection of conscious travel guides, cultural commentaries, and stories of her life as an American living in Croatia.

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook, and subscribe to her blog here.

Ena Kokanovic

Ena Kokanovic

Often called the female Gordon Ramsey due to her lively hairstyle and vocabulary, Ena is a foodie that started her blog as a way to share her passion for food, and share cooking tips and tricks.  

Subscribe to her blog and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Ana-Marija Bujic

Ana-Marija Bujic

Love food? Traveling? Little everyday pleasures? Don't miss Ana-Marija Bujic! She's a cookbook author, food blogger and restaurant co-owner from Dubrovnik, Croatia that blogs about all the good stuff; tips on Croatian food and ingredients, recipes, and wine pairings. 

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook, and subscribe to her self-titled blog here.

Viktor Derek

Film photo of Viktor Derek without a shirt in front of a lake

If you're looking for beautiful photographs and aesthetics of Croatia, check out Viktor Đerek. With a degree in photography, experience in cinematography, and even features in magazines and tv, Viktor is on his way to becoming a big name in the photography scene in Croatia!

You can follow along on his adventures around Croatia, travels around the world, and visual interpretation of his everyday life on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Who are your favorite bloggers from Croatia? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook who should be added to the list.


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