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Add These Maldivian Influencers to Your Newsfeed!

If you’re looking for a tropical getaway, the Maldives is the best place for you, your friends, and your family! It is currently among the best recreational diving destinations in the world, with over sixty local dive sites across the islands. From India and Pakistan to Bangladesh to Afghanistan, there are plenty of places to explore! 

Make the best out of your trip by checking out these influencers for tips on fashion, photography, culture, and food. If you’re a native Maldivian or are checking in from around the world, you’ll be happy to have these individuals on your social media feeds. They'll inspire you before planning a trip to the Maldives

Yashita Rai

Yashita Rai wearing a white top and black pants, posing in front of her walk-in closet full of purses, handbags, sandals, and shirts  

Immerse yourself into the world of Yashita Rai. With over 27.5k followers and over 243k subscribers, she produces content about fashion, beauty, food, and life positivity. As a native of India, she’ll guide you through Instagram-worthy shots around rural and urban Dehli. She also shows off her extensive collection of casual and dressy outfits. If you need advice on how to dress or where to take pictures in India, Yashita’s got you covered! 

Shalini Mandal 

Shalini Mandal wearing a white dress in an urban setting with trees and white concrete walls

Learn a thing or two about traditional Indian makeup and fashion from Shalini Mandal. She posts beauty tutorials on YouTube and modeling on her Instagram. Audiences don’t only love her makeup videos, but also, they enjoy her down-to-earth attitude and extensive knowledge of beauty supplies, hairstyles, and more. Her dedication to producing content is admirable and deserves your support. If you aren’t subscribed to her YouTube channel or following her Instagram page, you should do so ASAP! 

Sidra Mehran

Sidra Mehran posing in front of a grassy area, wearing a brown vintagedream08 dress

Step into the shoes of Sidra Mehran as she takes you through her daily adventures. When she’s not posing in elegant dresses, Mehran posts videos about shopping sprees, weddings, and fun activities with her family. She’s not afraid to have fun and include her loved ones in her content. Aspiring influencers and new families should look up Sidra Mehran for fun photos, fashion styles, and destination ideas in Pakistan. Make sure you subscribe to her YouTube and follow her on Instagram for more updates. 

Mariyam Azza

Mariyam Azza wearing a black top, eating spaghetti, and drinking a mimosa on a pier 

Mariyam Azza greets you from the Maldive Islands! This celebrity finally has a page to show off her looks on the red carpet and her memorable moments with her beautiful family. She also takes you on special events from weddings to birthdays. Her content will surely inspire you to find the perfect outfit for any occasion, from extravagant dresses to business casual outfits. Follow this famous Maldivian actress on Instagram and see how Mariyam Azza celebrates life outside of her work. 

Isheeta Yadav

Isheeta Yadav wearing an orange midriff top and blue jeans in front of a tan wall

Isheeta Yadav is your go-to guide for last-minute outfits, trip planning, and life advice. She loves to help audiences improve their lives by finding the best deals without breaking the bank and other solutions. Come along as she shares her fitness journey and fashion style through tutorials and photoshoots. If you’re feeling down and need cheering up, look no further than Isheeta Yadav to give the most helpful and entertaining advice and content. She’ll inspire you to check out the best and affordable clothing brands. Subscribe to her YouTube channel and participate in her giveaways for some nice prizes. 


Jehanzeb wearing a grey suit and standing in front of a blue car and a couple of houses

In the world of gaming and live streaming, Jehanzeb is a rising content creator. Hailing from Pakistan, his accomplishments range from having over 435K subscribers and winning the PES 2020 Best Streamer of the Year Award. He’s also achieved the PUBG Official Partner Title in Pakistan! When he’s not participating in online tournaments, Jehanzeb enjoys streaming gameplay on various titles like GTA 5, Among Us, Outlast 2, and many more! If you love to watch competitive games or watch funny commentary, follow him on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok!

Maison Marjhan

Marjhan wearing a blue electric bazaar dress, silver necklace, blue aviator sunglasses on a black chair 

Learn how to decorate, improve, and organize your home with the assistance of Maison Marjhan. She dedicates her blog to home improvement and how you can achieve a chic lifestyle. While she maintains a blog, she also models stylish Pakistani fashion and home decoration ideas. Follow her for updates on trendy and traditional outfits for special occasions. Marjhan is excited to show off her Desi roots and culture to international audiences. 

Sharly Rahman

Sharly Rahman wearing a white hijab over a teal, long sleeve top in front of a tan wall

Do you want to know which brands of beauty products you should trust? Sharly Rahman is here to help! This aspiring influencer from Bangladesh educates and entertains audiences about the importance of maintaining hair, eyeshadow, and fashion through Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. She also uses her platform to inform audiences about the latest and trending beauty products that are perfect for any occasion. Sharly Rahman’s positive and passionate attitude inspires prospective influencers, makeup artists, and photographers.

Zohania Amreen

Zohania Amreen sitting on a chair in the middle of a purple room full of purple balloons, wearing a purple t-shirt and blue jeans

As a lifestyle writer and marketing strategist, Zohaina Amreen is on top of all trends. While her content focuses on beauty and fashion, she also reviews local hot spots that guarantee a positive experience for tourists. These spots include restaurants and photography locations you can only find in Bangladesh. Did we forget to mention that she's modeled for Vogue Magazine? After you look through her Instagram feed, give her a follow to keep updated on her latest stories. You never know if you run into her during your trip to the Maldives.

Who are your favorite influencers from the Maldives? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook or Instagram who should be added to the list.


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