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12 Nigerian Influencers You Need to Know About

We have to admit it; we’re a bit obsessed with our latest group of influencers from Nigeria, and after reading about them, you will be too! Covering cuisine, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and more, this group has something for everyone!

Whether you’re from Nigeria, plan to visit, or live on the other side of the world, these influencers will liven up your Instagram feed in 2019:

Uche Eze

Uche Eze, award-winning Nigerian entrepreneur and blogger, smiling in pink and orange

Uche Eze is a Nigerian entrepreneur with a Bachelor's degree in Honours Business Administration (HBA) from the prestigious Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario. In 2006, she founded BellaNaija, a social media brand known for entertainment and lifestyle content, including music, weddings, style, relationships, Nollywood, and local events in Nigeria. 

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Noble Igwe

Nigerian influencer Noble Igwe standing in front of decorative wall in a beret, distressed jeans and balck shirt

Noble Igwe, (popularly known as Nobs), is a Nigerian fashion icon, entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of 360NoBS, an entertainment and lifestyle website bringing followers all the latest in news, music, fashion tips and happenings that you need to know about. They're also known for snooping around the hottest parties in Nigeria and report back in the best (and the faux-pas) of what went down, including who wore what and how they pulled it off!

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Linda Ikeji

Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji in jeans and printed top sitting in a window seat

Based in Nigeria, former model Linda Ikeji is a writer, entrepreneur, and blogger that's best known for her self-titled blog, where she covers everything from entertainment and fashion to lifestyle and beauty, with a bit of gossip thrown in for good measure. 

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Ademola Ogundele

Ademola Ogundele, Nigerian influencer and founder and CEO of popular music website, NotJustOk smiling in front of desk

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Ademola Ogundele is a writer, blogger, and founder and CEO of NotJustOk. a popular music website with a mission to spread Nigerian music to all corners of the globe. Since it's creation in 2006, the site has experienced incredible growth and has become the most visited online platform for new Nigerian and African contemporary music, videos and music content. 

Check out his website and YouTube channel, and follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Adaobi Okonkwo

Adaobi Okonkwo, Nigerian influencer and creative director of Dobby's Signature, smiling in hoop earrings and a purple shirt

Adaobi Okonkwo is a culinary enthusiast with a love of local Nigerian cuisine as well as creative director of the Nigerian culinary and lifestyle website She shares her everyday experiences with food and explores and showcases dishes from various "waka" and Nigerian kitchens to inspire you in your own kitchen. Her YouTube channel is filled with how-to cooking videos and tips on what tools to use in your kitchen.

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Ronke Edoho

Nigerian influencer Ronke Edoho posing in blue sweater with white polka dots

While Ronke Edoho is a professional accountant working as a CPA, she's also a Certified Nutrition and Clinical Weight Loss specialist as well as the author of the Lose It Nigerian (LIN) books and plans. Through her social media accounts, she hopes to help followers improve their wellbeing through better nutrition by providing easy to follow wholesome recipes she enjoys herself.

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Sisi Yemmie

Nigerian influencer Sisi Yemmie posing in a white dress in front of a black iron gate and greenery

Food and lifestyle blogger Sisi Yemmie is the creative mind behind SisiYemmie.Com a social media platform she uses to share her perspective and thoughts on food, motherhood, relationships, beauty, style, and more. Her blog has won numerous awards, and her Instagram account is steadily gaining popularity with over 110k followers to date. 

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Nigerian food blogger Nma sitting in front of a rustic wood wall in a bright floral print shirt

Nma is a Nigerian artist and blogger that turned her dislike for the kitchen as a child into a passion for cooking. Join her on her social media accounts as she celebrates the arts through African (Nigerian) cooking, her mother’s recipes, and shares easy kitchen tips for ‘lazy’ cooks like herself. Informative and full of personality, if you love good food you don't want to miss her blog. 

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Dimma Umeh

Nigerian influncer Dimma Umeh sitting on steps in jeans and a blazer

Based in Nigeria, Dimma is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. Her self-titled website will give you insight into her life as a Nigerian and her way to share some of her favorite things, including beauty tips, travel and lifestyle.

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Nosa & Folly

Folly & Nosa, founders of premiere Nigerian food blog EatDrinkLagos sitting at a table at restaurant Neo

Nosa and Folly are on a mission to save Lagosians and visitors of Lagos from bad cuisine with Eat.Drink.Lagos, their popular website for residents and tourists that don't have the time or money to spend on bad meals. They visit restaurants around Lagos, eat their food, and write about it with absolutely no mercy so you know whether it's worth the trip or not. And with a slogan like “Eating through the struggle so you don’t have to,” you know they take their job seriously!

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Igee Okafor

Nigerian lifestyle and menswear blogger Igee Okafor standing in a garden wearing a purple suit

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Igee Okafor is the editor and founder of, a popular lifestyle blog that focuses on menswear, grooming, and style. He has collaborated with some of the industry's most respected tastemakers, including GQ, Timex, Gap, East Dane, Express, and Stella Artois, and has been interviewed and featured for his personal style on Forbes, The New York Times, and Fashionista. 

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Hadiza Lawal 

Nigerian influencer Hadiza Lawal posing in front of a green Mercedes in a striped skirt and top with ruffled sleeves

Hadiza Lawal is the founder of, a food and style blog she created in 2015. The motto of her blog "Bridging the gap between food and style, because food is clearly stylish" perfectly describes what you'll enjoy on her site; Hadiza sharing her style of cooking both Nigerian and intercontinental style dishes, as well as her personal style. 

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Who are your favorite influencers from Nigeria? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook who should be added to the list.


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