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13 Must-Follow Fashion Bloggers From Belgium

Obsessed with the latest in fashion and beauty?

Belgium may be a small country, but these influencers are making a big splash on social media. Covering everything from lifestyle and beauty tips to shopping hauls and makeovers, they'll keep you coming back for more!    

Sofie Valkiers

Blogger Sofie Valkiers standing on side balcony with eiffel tower in background at a distance

Sofie Valkiers is the founder of Fashionata, the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog she started in 2009. Based in the capital city of Antwerp, Sofie is the author of the bestsellers Little Black Book, Mood of the Day and Little Black Book for moms, and she's made online appearances in some of the most prominent fashion media out there, including Elle, Vogue, The New York Times, and many more. 

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram - and be sure to check out her blog.

Matthias Geerts

Blogger Matthias Geerts wearing teal green sweater and pin striped pants

23 years old and living in Antwerp, Belgium, Matthias Geerts started his blog, Matt G Style, as an online outlet to share his passion for fashion and to show his own personal style. While his focus is on menswear, luxury travel and interior, his blog is expanding every day, with new topics finding their way on the blog regularly. 

Don't miss his blog, and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Claire Marnette

Blogger Claire Marnette wearing blue floral dress with red slip on sandals

Claire Marnette's blog, Milkywaysblueyes, is one of the most read in Belgium and it's no wonder - her bright and welcoming personality combined with her unique style makes her simply irresistible. 

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram and don't miss her blog


Blogger Aurela sitting on bench over pond wearing white strapless dress

Based in Brussels, Aurela is a popular Belgian blogger who shares her beauty tips, makeup reviews and shopping hauls on her very active YouTube channel and Instagram account. Her honest reviews and stunning images (she's also a model) have made her one to watch in 2018.   

Subscribe to her YouTube channel, and follow her on Instagram.

Lima Che

Blogger Lima Che sitting on picnic blanket with food in front of eiffel tower

Lima Che is a Belgium based fashion blogger and model that created "Lima's Wardrobe" as her personal fashion diary to share her outfits, new finds, and anything that inspires her. Her Instagram account grows in popularity by the day, and gives you a fun look at her travels and daily styles.  

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook, and check out her blog

Nathalie Van den Berg

Blogger Nathalie Van den Berg standing in front of Louvre wering fendi slip on shoes

Nathalie Van den Berg lives in Belgium and writes about her views on fashion and beauty as well as her many travels on her popular blog called Curls and Bags. She also has active YouTube and Instagram accounts, for a more intimate peek into her daily life. Whatever channel you tune in on, she hopes to inspire your next shopping spree or travels.   

Check her out her popular YouTube and Instagram accounts, and subscribe to her blog


Blogger Annabel sitting outside a coffee shop wearing white hoodie and white boots

With a masters degree in marketing and an obsession with all things fashion and social media, Annabel was destined to become a major influencer in Belgium and beyond. Her fashion and lifestyle website is updated daily with outfit ideas, shopping hauls, and her worldly travels.

Check out her blog, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


Blogger Jenna wearing pink dress in grass in front of plants

Belgian beauty Jenna Minnie is a stylist, model, influencer, blogger, creative director, and psychologist who started her blog in 2013 as a way to express herself and her passion for beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and health. A major influence on the Belgian social media scene, Jenna has collaborated with many top fashion brands and enjoys sharing her creativity with her devoted followers. 

Subscribe to her YouTube channel, follow her on Instagram and don't miss her blog.

Talisa Loup

Blogger Talisa Loup wearing off the shoulder cheetah print shirt with leather shorts

Talisa Loup is a blogger (and vlogger) that enjoys sharing her passion for beauty, style, and travel on Instagram and her YouTube channel, which she shares with her partner Sam. 

Follow her on Instagram, and subscribe to her YouTube channel here.


Blogger An-Katrien wearing pink pea coat and popcorn design crossbody bag

An-Katrien is the mind behind Teacups & Dresses, a blog dedicated to fashion, beauty, and home decorating. She also maintains an online diary where she shares what's happening in her personal life and well as her DIY ideas and inspirations. 

Keep up with her on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to her blog.

Axelle Blanpain

Blogger Axelle Blanpain sitting at coffee table wearing green outfit

Axelle started her blog in 2010 as a creative outlet during her fashion design studies in Paris, with the goal of sharing her love of fashion with like-minded people and be a source of inspiration for others. Today, she runs her blog full-time from her home in Brussels that she shares with her husband, dog, and three cats. 

Follow her now on Instagram, and subscribe to her blog and YouTube channel.

Paulien Riemis

Blogger Paulien Riemis sitting on kitchen table holding up white cat

Paulien Riemis is a part-time model and full-time blogger that describes herself as an "internet adventurer." She uses her blog as an online platform to share pieces of her life as well as her daily outfits and travels. 

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook, and subscribe to her blog here

Elien Migalski

Blogger Elien Migalski wearing beige sweater and pants with gray sneakers on brick road

Elien is a fashion and beauty enthusiast wearing many hats. Along with being the founder and overall mastermind of, a fashion, lifestyle, and travel blog, she's also a project manager for, the first online secondhand designer platform in Belgium, and founder of the first Belgian bloggers agency. Head over to her blog for outfit ideas, snapshots of her travels, and lifestyle tips that inspire.

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to her blog.

Who are your favorite Belgian bloggers? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook who should be added to the list.


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