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17 Things That Will Make Your Life Easier in 2017

How do you find time to relax with all the things you need to do? We found 17 items that will make your life easier and give you some extra “me time” every day.

Amazon Echo ($140.00) 

Tall black cylinder speaker with app logos to the side

An electronic assistant will help you manage your home, play your music, recite recipes, order services and even read your audio books to you. And it doesn’t stop there...this ultimate time saver is a deal at $140. Buy online here.

White Noise Sound Machine ($41.00) 

Tan circular machine

Getting the right amount of sleep each night is key in your mental and physical health, and this sound machine helps you get to the Zzz fast. Buy online here.

Hot/Cold Tumbler (starting at 9.99)

Blue tumbler glass with blue anchor design

Stay hydrated throughout the day and keep your favorite beverages hot or cold. Buy online here.

Digital Portable Luggage Scale ($16.00)

Blue handle scale with hanger loop attached

This handy scale lets you check the weight of suitcases before you leave for the airport - saving you from excess baggage fees. Buy online here.

Clothes Shaver ($27.00)

White Smartek clothes shaver product with handle

Clothes are expensive, and this handy devices keeps your favorite fashions looking good longer so you won’t have to replace them as often. Buy online here.

Rotorazor Saw ($149.00)

Red saw with three blades, cord, and black case box

No need for big power saws or taking cutting jobs outside when you have this hand-held saw that can go where others can’t but can still get the job done as well as bigger, less mobile versions. Buy online here.

Handheld Vacuum ($23.00)

Person's hand holding up small blue vacuum sucking up pet food

Here’s another smaller, mobile version of a bigger appliance that gets the job done where the latter can’t - like your car, boat or camper, nooks and crannies, or even purses, bags and luggage. Buy online here.

Super Tool 300 ($100.00)

Silver tool with lots of mini tools coming out of the sides

This little multi-tool is like having an entire toolbox in your glove compartment, purse or pocket. You’ll find that there isn’t much this little wonder can do to save the day. Buy online here. (Note some countries may consider this a weapon and ban it from entry. Please check your country's import laws before you purchase this item.)

Window Sticker Solar Phone Charger ($29.00)

3 square solar phone chargers sticking to wall with phones plugged in

If you have a window, you won’t need an electrical outlet ever again to charge your phones. This solar-power charger gets the job done by the sun! Buy online here.

Bag Resealer ($20.00)

Blue clip sealing opened cheetos bag

Keep your food items fresh like the day you got them with this bag sealer that puts clips, rubber bands and folding seal methods to shame. Buy online here.

Wireless Speaker Showerhead ($37.00)

White round showerhead with speaker attached

Listen to the morning news, weather, traffic and sports as you shower and prepare to start the day. Or just get pumped up with your favorite tunes blasting while you’re shampooing. Buy online here.

Folding Cutting Board ($15.00)

Red rectangle cutting board

First it’s flat. Then it folds. You’ll never have to makes a mess with sliced, diced or chopped fruits and vegetables again when you use this convenient cutting board. Buy online here.

Key/Anything Finder ($25.00)

White square that says tile next to iPhone finding location of keys

Put this tile on the things you lose most and the only thing missing from your daily routine will be the hunt for lost items. Buy online here.

Smart Car Charger/Finder ($30.00)

Black car charger fob next to iPhone searching for location of car

Remember when you didn’t know what a USB port was? And now, you can not have enough of them - especially in you car. This little device changes that with multiple ports. Plus it comes with an app for your phone that will make locating your car in any parking lot easy! Buy online here.

Anker Powercore ($50.00)

Black rectangular power bank

Put a charge into your favorite electronic devices when they need it most. This small and lightweight charger packs a powerful charge. Buy online here.

Smartphone Car Mount ($25.00)

Black mount for car holding phone

Slap your smartphone into this handy dash mounted holder and drive safe while you stay connected to your electronics and your surroundings. Buy online here.

7-Cup Food Processor ($124.00)

Red food processor product with black handle

From baking to prepping a big meal, this powerful processor takes the chore out of food prep and gives you more time to enjoy your day. Buy online here.

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The shopping experts at MyUS have made every effort to provide accurate shopping descriptions on the above products and merchants. That being said, online retailers reserve the right to limit purchase quantities, change offers without notice, which forms of payment they accept among other limitations. We recommend you visit an online merchant’s website for complete information, terms of sales and restrictions.


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