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18 Hong Kong Influencers We're Loving in 2019

Like keeping up with the latest trends in beauty and fashion? Get to know Hong Kong's hottest social media influencers! 

Covering everything from beauty and fashion to lifestyle and travel, they have it all! Whether you live in Hong Kong or on the other side of the world, these influencers will breathe new life into your Instagram feed:

Geneva Vanderzeil

Influencer and DIY blogger Geneva Vanderzeil sitting in front of a tent

Founder of the award-winning DIY blog A Pair & A Spare, Geneva Vanderzeil is one busy lady and a definite must-follow. Along with running her blog full of tutorials, recipes, and blogging advice, she stays very active on social media with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. She has also designed a shoe line and published DIY Fashionista, a best-selling book! 

Mayo Wo

Hong Kong influencer Mayo Wo in a lilac dress posing by a railing

Based in Hong Kong, Mayo is a fashion blogger that started her blog Mellow Mayo back in 2009 to share her love of fashion and experimentation with fabrics, colors, and silhouettes. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook for styling ideas, gorgeous scenery, and a splash of light and airy pastel color.

JJ. Acuna

architect and interior designer JJ.Acuna standing in a cafe

JJ. Acuna is an architect and interior designer based in Hong Kong and Manila. His blog, The Wanderlister, covers all the great things happening in Hong Kong and the Asian region, including food, art, architecture, and travel. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram for a healthy dose of regional architecture and to be the first to know about the latest happenings in Hong Kong. 

Tina Wong

Hong Kong influencer Tina Wong wearing Mickey Mouse ears

Tina Wong is a YouTuber, stylist, and influencer based in Hong Kong. Her self-titled blog covers her take on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, while her YouTube channel gives subscribers tutorials on makeup application and how to wear the latest outfit trends. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook to know when new content is available and see what she's up to. 

Samantha Wong

Hong Kong influencer Samantha Wong sitting at a local cafe

Samantha Wong is an Instagram sensation and the editor of Sam is Home, a blog that gives readers a colorful inside look at fashion, food, and lifestyle in Hong Kong. Follow her for everything from styling tips and how to set a holiday table to info and photos of travel destinations you'll want to check out on your next vacation.

Christing C.

Hong Kong fashion blogger and influencer Christing C on a beach with her kids

Currently residing in Hong Kong, Christing C. is a wife, mother, and author of the fashion and lifestyle blog Christing C. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to her blog to read about her fashion addiction, nomadic travels, weekly outfits, and her experiences as a first-time mom. 

Zoe Chan

Hong Kong Fashion Lifestyle Blogger & Stylist Zoe Chan drinking champagne

Whether you like following fashion, travel, or lifestyle bloggers. Zoe Chan is someone you should know and follow. Why? Because she's worked as a fashion buyer with some of the fashion industry's biggest names, including Stella Jean, Hussein Chalayan, and Ostwald Helgason and shares her knowledge, travels, and personal style on her blog, Normalchic, and gives her followers on Instagram and Facebook an intimate look at her personal and professional life. 

Faye Tsui

Hong Kon Fashion Stylist Faye Tsui holding a Ferragamo handbag

Faye Tsui is a personal stylist that has always followed her own path in fashion. She started her blog, Fayevorite, after noticing a massive gap on social media when it comes to fashion and her sharp eye quickly led to appearances in fashion events, brand press conferences, and fashion magazines. Enjoy her unique sense of style daily by following her on Instagram.

Cara Mcilroy

Vogue HK online columnist Cara Mcilroy holding an infant on the beach

Cara Mcilroy is an Aussie model, TV presenter, wife, mother, and free-spirited gypsy that's called Hong Kong her home for the past 10 years. On her blog, Catwalks to Cradles, she shares all the things she loves and everything she's grateful for, focusing on fashion, beauty, family, travel, food, and fitness. Follow her on Instagram for a peek at life as a mom in Hong Kong as well as her travels.


Hong Kong influencer Mandy posing in the street

Based in Hong Kong, Mandy is an international school teacher turned full-time mommy and the founder of Mandeeeee Says, a blog that documents her life as a "modern mommy" and allows her to share her favorite things through words and photos. Check out her YouTube channel for videos on her shopping hauls and skincare favorites as well as touching milestones of her kids, and follow her on Instagram for deal alerts and family and travel photos. 

Vicky Chan

Actress and TV Personality Vicky Chan striking a power pose

Vicky Chan is a TVM actress and host known for her onscreen vixen roles and voluptuous figure. Her popularity is soaring, partly due to her recent performance as Jenny or Sai Long Tai in Come Home Love: Lo and Behold. Visit her website, Just Another Chan, for a full rundown of her past roles, talents, and accomplishments, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram to see what she's currently up to.

Moanna Shum

Hong Kong influencer Moanna S eating takeout

Moanna Shum is a PR and Marketing Consultant based in Hong Kong with a love for photography, food, and social media. When she's not working her day job, she's busy with Dessire, a blog dedicted to food, restaurant reviews, and mouthwatering photography. Keep up with the latest updates by following her on Facebook and Instagram.

Janice Leung Hayes

Hong Kong Influencer Janice Leung Hayes reading a book in a window

Janice Leung Hayes is a food and travel writer that "food into words and pictures" on e_ting, her delicious Hong Kong-based food blog. Be the first to know when new content is released by following her on Facebook and Twitter, and enjoy her vivid photography daily on Instagram.

Keith Lee

Hong Kong influencer Keith Lee posing in fromt of a sunset

Keith Lee is lawyer and bodybuilder from Hong Kong with a serious passion for food - and over 64k followers on Instagram. Add him to your Insta feed for fitness and travel inspiration and pics of mouthwatering cuisine. 

Daisy Toi

Hong Kong influencer Daisy Toi holding lipstick and looking into the distance

Daisy Toi is an actress, entrepreneur, and winner of Miss Hong Kong 2016. Follow her on Instagram for a peek into her personal and professional life, with daily fashion and beauty updates and a healthy dose of mouthwatering food pics.

Natalie Tinman

Hong Kong influencer Natalie Tinman holding shopping bags in front of neon signs

Love winning free product? Based in Hong Kong, Natalie Tinman is a fashion and beauty Instagrammer that hosts frequent giveaways and documents her life for her growing fan base. Follow her on Instagram so you don't miss a thing!

Carmina Lo

Hong Kong influencer Carmina Lo surrounded by red streamers

Carmina Lo is a rising social media influencer that loves to travel and eat. While she has a couple of travel videos on her YouTube channel, she's most active on Facebook and Instagram, sharing her favorite food and travel moments as well as a peek into her personal life. 

Vincci Yang

Hong Kong stylist and influencer Vincci Yang posing on a rooftop

Vincci Yang is a stylist, columnist, and blogger that has her finger on the pulse of fashion. Check out her YouTube channel for weekly vlogs, lifestyle videos, and fashion collection previews. Follow her on Instagram for her inspiring daily looks.

Who are your favorite influencers from Hong Kong? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook or Instagram who should be added to the list.


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