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7 Influencers from Saudi Arabia to Follow in 2020

Saudi Arabia is packed with social media influencers that are quickly making a name for themselves in Western Asia and around the world. 

Meet seven of the Kingdom's hottest stars below and give them a follow—you’ll be happy to see them in your social media feeds, we promise!

Alanoud Badr

Saudi social media influencer Alanoud Badr in a blue gown taking a selfie in an elevator

Also known as Lady Fozaz, Alanoud Badr is a fashion designer and founder of Lady Fozaza, a fashion brand inspired by her upbringing, lifestyle and surroundings.

As Saudi Arabia's reigning "it girl" she actively posts about beauty, fashion, lifetsyle, and travel on Instagram. You can also find her on YouTube where she vlogs about her business, fashion finds, and favorite products. 

Laura in Arabia

Social media influencer Laura in Arabia smiling and barefoot on a mountain in Ula

Laura Alho, better known on social media as Laura in Arabia, is a Finnish nurse turned expat living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Her super popular expat blog, Blue Abaya, chronicles her expat life, travels, and adventures in the ‘Magic Kingdom’ of Saudi Arabia, and has won numerous awards and recommendations for bridging the gap between east and west, showcasing the beauty of the country. You can also follow her on Instagram for simply stunning images of her travels.

Aram Kabbani

Social media influencer Aram Kabbani gazing out at the city of Paris

Often referred to as the queen of Saudi street style, fashion stylist and image consultant Aram Kabbani not only keeps up with the latest trends, she creates them through her super popular Instagram account and self-titled blog.

Juhara Sajer

Saudi influencer Juhara Sajer checking her sunglasses and looking fabulous in a white and red skirt and white blouse

Juhara Sajer,also known as Jay, is one of Saudi’s top influencers.

Known for her beauty and lifestyle content on Instagram and YouTube as well as her active Twitter feed, she covers every topic in a relatable way that resonates with her followers. Check her out for product recommendations and tips on modest fashion. 

Abdul Rahman Bakhsh

Foodie and social media influencer in a pineapple shirt, smiling and wearing sunglasses Abdul Rahman Bakhsh

Whether you live to eat or eat to live, TV presenter, healthy food chef, and fitness enthusiast Abdul Rahman Bakhsh is an easy follow.

His love of Saudi cuisine (and food in general) is evident on Instagram with mouthwatering food images as well as his vlogs on the Lift and Cheat channel, a YouTube channel he started with fellow gym enthusiast and foodie Ameer Abuzinadah.

Nada Al Nahdi

Saudi travel enthusiast and influencer Nada Al Nahdi posing next to a mountain in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia

Born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Nada Al Nahdi is on a mission to visit every country and "witness the truth about them with complete disregard of the media speculation with very little budget." She shares her travel tips and adventures on her blog and Instagram account.

Whether you're planning your own world travels or want to visit far-away lands without leaving your couch, subscribing to her blog and following her on Instagram will get you in on all the action! 

Bayan Linjawi

Saudi influencer, entrepreneur and human development enthusiast Bayan Linjawi casually sitting outside in a tan hat and sweater

Entrepreneur, lifestyle influencer, and human development enthusiast Bayan Linjawi is a rising star in Saudi Arabia thanks to her honest, open, and conversational approach to being a social activist on Instagram.

Although no longer part of the company, Bayan previously founded Blossom MENA, where she helped educated and enable the technology entrepreneurship community in Saudi Arabia, giving TED talks, and breaking boundaries. She also has a great sense of style and fun-loving personality, which only further enhances her worldwide appeal. 

Who are your favorite influencers from Saudi Arabia? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook or Instagram who should be added to the list.


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