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8 Finnish Influencers That You Need to Start Following

Ready to add some fresh faces to your Instagram feed? These Finnish influencers should be at the top of your list.

Don’t live in Finland? You’ll still love getting to know this group, we promise!


Finnish influencer MMIISAS smiling in a red dress and holding a strawberry cheesecake

Based in Helsinki, MMIISAS is a 25 year old voice communication student and Finnish content creator best known for her self-titled YouTube channel and her popular Masterchef cooking series. She can also be found on Twitter and has a big following on Instagram, where she shares her relationships and love of animals, nature, and, of course, fashion!

Julia Toivola

Finnish influencer Julia Toivola sitting on a couch in a monochromatic outfit

Julia Toivola is a content creator and influencer from Finland that shares her personal life and travels on her self-titled blog, popular Instagram account, and Facebook page. Follow her on your favorite social media platform for everything from romantic sunsets and her best friend's wedding to trendy fashions and stunning pics of her latest travels.

Essi Vehkala

Finnish lifestyle blogger Essi Vehkala sitting in a white room and holding her children

Love clean lines and modern design? You’ll love Essi Vehkala! This soon-to-be-married mother of two is the founder of Piece by Piece, a lifestyle blog updated in a diary-like style, covering the building and decorating of her new home, wedding planning, and everyday family life. You can also find her on Instagram and Facebook.

Ida Jemina

Finnish fitness blogger Ida Jemina smiling in a pink workout outfit and holding a black bag and water bottle

For fitness inspiration, we’re addicted to Ida Jemina’s hardcore, calorie-busting workouts. Whether it’s hand weights, bodybands, or heavy duty barbells, this fitness, wellness coach, and certified personal trainer will help you stay motivated to reach your goals. Find her workouts, along with a bit of fitness fashion, on Instagram and Facebook.

Julia Ahonen

Finnish influencer Julia Ahonen sitting in a park in a yellow gingham dress reading a book

Striving to leave a smaller footprint on the planet? Finnish blogger Julia Ahonen makes it look easy! From sustainable living and ethical fashion to following a vegan diet, she shares her experiences and advice on how to embrace a zero waste lifestyle without letting it rule your life. Subscribe to her self-titled blog and YouTube channel, and be sure to follow her on Instagram.

Aku Hirviniemi

Finnish actor and influencer Aku Hirviniemi dancing in a blue shirt and shorts

If you live in Finland, you’ve likely seen Finnish actor Aku Hirviniemi in films and on television, including his breakout role on Putous, a weekly sketch comedy television show on which he played Marja Tyrni was crowned as the "sketch comedy character of the year". Join his 327k in Instagram followers to be in the know about his latest projects and get a peek at his daily life.

Anna Sofia

Finnish influencer Anna Sofia wearing a modern outfit of wide leg pants and a camel blazer and holding her newborn baby

Anna Sofia’s motto is “less is more.” But don’t let that fool you, this Finnish blogger and new mom is anything but basic. She covers lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel, and restaurants with a minimalistic eye on her blog, Style Plaza, and shares her tips and experiences in motherhood and fashion on her Instagram account. Give her a follow, you won’t be disappointed!

Anne-Mari Planting

Finnish flight attendant and influencer Anne-Mari Planting posing on a porch in a floral dress

Anne-Mari Planting, previously known on reality television as Anne-Mari Miettis, is one of Finland’s best known flight attendants and an influencer on the rise. Follow her on Instagram for pics from her holidays and work travels, handy tips on flying, and an inside peek into the airline industry from a flight attendant’s perspective. 

Who are your favorite influencers from Finland? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook or Instagram who should be added to the list.


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