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8 Icelandic Influencers You Need In Your Life

When you think of Iceland, your thoughts probably turn to almost futuristic landscapes and the beauty of the Northern Lights. But did you know it’s also brimming with some of the globe’s hottest social media influencers?   

Whether you’re planning a trip to the Nordic island, want to immerse yourself in the beauty of the country from afar, or are looking for fitness or fashion inspiration, you’ll love getting to know our top Icelandic influencers.

Ása Steinars

Iceland influencer and photographer Ása Steinars taking outdoor photographs in a cozy white sweater

Looking for travel advice, guidebooks and local secrets about Iceland? Meet Ása Steinars, a popular blogger and travel photographer born and raised in Iceland that offers tours, gives advice and tips on traveling to her Nordic homeland, and shares her stunning photography. If Iceland isn't on your bucket list, it will be after viewing her photos! Follow her on Instagram, and check out her websites From Ice to Spice and Ása Steinars Photography for a deeper dive into her photography and tour options. 

Birgitta Líf Björnsdóttir

Fitness expert and influencer Birgitta Líf Björnsdóttir in a a white t-shirt and black leggings and holding a kettle ball

Does your fitness routine need a kickstart? Then Birgitta Líf Björnsdóttir is your girl. With a degree in personal training from the World Class Personal Training School under her belt and an active interest in health and fitness from a young age, she's an inspiration for anyone looking to achieve better health and fitness. Follow her on Instagram, and check out her BODYWEIGHT by Birgitta program, a 4-week exercise program you can purchase that includes workouts she put together that require no equipment, only your own bodyweight.

Yiwei Li

Iceland photogrpaher and influencer Yiwei Li standing in a yellow field and extending her hand to a white horse

For a view of Iceland from a unique perspective, you'll want to follow Yiwei Li on Instagram ASAP. An expat from China, Yiwei Li moved to Iceland six years ago and unlike most Icelandic landscape photographers, she experiments with the color spectrum, editing her images to make them more the way she sees or imagines them. And if you're visiting or getting married in Iceland, you can book her services through a variety of photography packages you can find on her website, Iceland On Image.


Auður, a popular social media influencer from Iceland posing in a wooden troll mouth

Since 2011, if Iceland was on your travel to-do list, Auður was your source for info on everything from where to stay and what to see to the best restaurants, events, and must-see sights. But since COVID, this multi-talented girl-boss took a U-turn and has since decided to embark on new adventures. While her I heart Reykjavik blog is essentially no more (you can still contact her and read about her new beginnings, but that's about it), you can still find her on Instagram and Twitter, sharing her thoughts on life and current events as well as captivating photos of Iceland. 


Icelandic influencer and photographer Joe posing in a field with his camera in a brown fedora and jacket

Interested in the complexity and the fragility of Iceland's land and climate? There may be no better way to explore it than by following Joe "Shutter" on social media. Born and raised in London, Joe is a freelance photographer based in Iceland that spends his days taking pictures of himself, taking pictures of others, and teaching others to take pictures, all against the gorgeous backdrops of Iceland and Greenland. Along with following him on Instagram, you can book his services and read his blog on his self-titled website

Sólveig Sigurðardóttir🇮🇸

Crossfitter and Icelandic influencer Sólveig Sigurðardóttir🇮🇸 swinging on rings

Ever wonder what it takes to be a Crossfitter from Iceland? Meet Sólveig Sigurðardóttir🇮🇸, a regional Cossfit competitor sponsored by Nike that shares her training, lifestyle, competitions, and life's ups and downs on her popular Instagram page. Join her 134k in followers today and don't miss another post!

Fanney Janssen

Costume designer and Icelandic influencer Fanney Janssen posing in front of a green mountainside in a purple Viking era dress

Viking fashion anyone? Whether you're looking for old-world Nordic fashion or would enjoy mystical images of Iceland and Viking fashion, you'll want to follow Fanney Janssen. Based in Iceland, she's a costume designer with a love for the Viking era and everything Iceland. Along with enjoying her amazing images on Instagram, you can shop her handmade fashions in her Etsy store, Fjordur

Dua Asgerdur

Iceland influencer Dua Asgerdur looking towards the water as she jumps in the air and

For fashion, fitness, and travel with splash of fun and always a smile, get to know Dua Asgerdur. Born and raised in Iceland, this 23 year old's lust for life has landed her in Barcelona, Spain for the moment, but she's always on the move, so be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook to keep up. You can also find an enormous library of fitness, travel, and fashion vlogs on her self-titled YouTube channel and read about her travels on her blog, Dua On The Go

Who are your favorite influencers from Iceland? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook or Instagram who should be added to the list.


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