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8 Influencers From Brunei We Just Can’t Get Enough Of

If you love adding engaging new content to your Instagram feed, you’re in for a real treat! While Brunei is a small nation, it’s packed with social media influencers that you'll be glad to know. 

Whether you live in Brunei or across the globe, you’ll be captivated, we promise!

Thanis Lim

Thanis Lim smiling and enjoying food at an outdoor cafe

Want to learn more about cuisine in Brunei and throughout Indonesia? Get to know Thanis Lim. Born in Bandar Seri Begawan, he's an at-home chef and food journalist that shares his passion for cooking on his self-titled website. Check it out for authentic recipes, cooking tips, and food and travel guides for Brunei, Taiwan, Bangkok and more. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with his latest reviews and know when new recipes are available.

Rano Iskandar

Portrait of Brunei influencer Rano Iskandar

Rano Iskandar is an entrepreneur, social media enthusiast, and the creator of, a popular blog for social news in Brunei. Check it out for information on local sporting, community, and automotive events, and follow Rano on Twitter and Instagram for a daily look at his life and what's happening in Brunei. 

Maurina Abdul Hamid

Brunei lifestyle blogger Maurina Abdul Hamid peeking out from a red curtain

Based in Brunei, Maurina Abdul Hamid is a travel, food, and lifestyle blogger with a passion for life. Visit her blog, IAMMAURINA, for travel tips, restaurant and movie reviews, and makeup tutorials. Know when new content is available and take a peek at Maurina's everyday life by following her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Bang Benjen

Brunei influencer and gamer Bang Benjen

Love gaming? You'll want to subscribe to Bang Benjen's YouTube channel. With the motto "Gaming is not a crime," he uploads new content three times a week, including game play and gaming tips. You can also follow him on Instagram to see his gaming tips and comedic parodies in your daily feed.

Gzul Yusof

Brunei influencer Gzul Yusof holding drinks from The Thirsty Habit

Gzul Yusof is a self described foodie and entrepreneur that has a wildly popular Instagram account. On it he shares new foods, local restaurants, his tips and recommendations on everything from skin care and electronics to cooking and travel with over 25k in loyal followers. Not on Instagram? You can also find him on Facebook!

Nabeela Fadzil 

Brunei influencer Nabeela Fadzil enjoying the KL skyline

Nabeela Fadzil is a fashion enthusiast with an affection for cities and music. She shares her passions for both (along with her love for fashion and all things beauty-related) on her blog, Lipstick My Name and her popular Instagram account that boasts over 22k in loyal followers. Check out her YouTube channel for how-to skin care vlogs, shopping hauls, and travel videos. 

Amirul 'Adli

Bruneian influencer Amirul 'Adli at a football game

Bruneian Amirul 'Adli is a creative director by day, but also one of Brunei's hottest social media influencers. An avid football fan and frequent traveler, he shares his passions for both with his over 23k in Instagram followers. Even more popular is his YouTube channel, ADLITUBE, where he posts vlogs, pranks, and comedy skits for fun. 

Adam Syed

Bruneian influencer Adam Syed walking with a camera

Born and raised in Brunei, Adam Syed is a teen that's proud of his country, and feels it's his responsibility to represent for Brunei and promote its culture. He's a popular YouTube vlogger that loves the art of telling a story through a camera lens rather than writing it out on a piece of paper. He's known for his dancing in videos and encouraging his fans to follow their dreams, no matter what others think. You can also follow him on Instagram for daily updates and to be among the first to know when new vlogs drop on his YouTube channel.

Who are your favorite Bruneian influencers? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook or Instagram who should be added to the list.


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