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8 New Zealand Influencers You’ll Want To Follow in 2020

We can't help it, we're obsessed with New Zealand’s hottest influencers—and you will be too! Covering everything from beauty and fashion to travel and lifestyle, they have it all!

Whether you live in New Zealand or across the globe, they’re sure to entertain you in 2020.

Amber Peebles

New Zealand influencer Amber Peebles standing in a kitchen, smiling, and enjoying a glass of wine

Amber Peebles is a TV presenter, radio host, fashion lover, and all-around website boss woman with a massive social media following. On her website, Ambers Edits, as well as her Facebook and Instagram pages, she showcases fresh new trends, shares her personal flair for fashion, and encourages women to express themselves through life and style. She speaks with a warm and welcoming personality to draw you in. You can also keep up with her on Twitter and check out just a few of her TV clips on YouTube.

Kseniia and Alex

New Zealand influencers Kseniia and Alex reaching for the moon surrounded by the night's stars
Planning a trip to New Zealand? Let us introduce you to your new favorite influencers, Kseniia and Alex. These soulmates love exploring the world, especially their home turf of New Zealand, and sharing their adventures and tips across their social media platform, The Style Jungle. With high-quality content and a creative approach, they were named "Best Travel Blog" in Oceania and made it into both the Bachcare Top 50 travel blogs and Feedspot's Top-25 most popular New Zealand lifestyle blogs.

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram, go in-depth on their website, and watch travel videos on their YouTube channel, you won't be disappointed, we promise!

Melissa Jack

New Zealand influencer Melissa Jack in a white sweater and black leggings looking out a window and smiling

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Melissa Jack is a stay at home mom of two trying to find balance between life's responsibilities and what she really wants to do: write! She writes about her family, the ups and downs of it all, and shares it all (along with a healthy dose of shopping and lifestyle) on her website, The Best Nest. You can also keep up with her day-to-day adventures by following her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Carmen Huter

New Zealand travel photographer and influencer Carmen Huter sitting on a vintage VW wagon with the mountains in the background

Carmen Huter is an Austrian-born travel photographer based in New Zealand that likes to tell stories through pictures, particularly of gorgeous locations that leave us breathless. Whether you are looking for travel inspiration, planning a vacation, or simply love enjoying the beauty and wonder of nature when scrolling through your social media feeds, you need to follow her on Instagram and Facebook ASAP. 

Torrell Tafa

 New Zealand influencer Torrell Tafa smiling and enjoying a 50 Cent & Black Eyes Peas outdoor concert

Based in Auckland, Torrell Tafa is a content creator that helps people and brands tell stories visually. His Instagram and Facebook pages are filled with snippets of his life, from work and workouts to travel, food, and fun with friends. He also has a fun and quirky YouTube channel filled with pranks, challenges, and vlogs with his girlfriend, Ellie. 

Alex Moulden

 Fashion and beauty influencer Alex Moulden enjoying an ice cream cone in the sleeveless dress

Alex Moulden is a full-time digital brand manager by day that started blogging because her Instagram following was off the charts. Focusing mostly on fashion, lifestyle, and travel content, she now has a website, The Life of Alex, that she uses as a hub for all her content—and it's a wealth of travel information, style inspiration, movie picks, beauty finds, and anything else she finds worthwhile. Prefer Facebook? You can follow her there too!

Peter and Yen

 New Zealand influencers and travel enthusiasts Peter and Yen squatting on a beach and smiling for the camera

Love eating and traveling? So do Peter and Yen, a hubby and wife team from Auckland, NZ that dreamed about retiring at a young age—and actually did it! Now they focus on what they really love: vlogging about food and travel on their YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook pages. They also have a popular website you can check out for your reading pleasure. Check them out today for travel guides, restaurant recommendations, and travel tips. 

Stacey Banfield

 Portrait of New Zealand makeup artist and influencer Stacey Banfield in a sundress wearing and coral lipstick

Stacey Banfield is a sun chasing, adventure-loving makeup artist based in Christchurch, New Zealand, who has worked for major brands like Chanel, Smashbox, and MAC cosmetics and travels around NZ working on commercial jobs, weddings, and other special events. On her website, she shares her experience in beauty, makeup, and fashion with the world, and invites you to join in on her journey for inspiration and tips. There's a bit of lifestyle and travel adventure mixed in there too!. You can also follow her personal story on Instagram.

Who are your favorite influencers from New Zealand? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook or Instagram who should be added to the list.


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