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Addicting Game Shows You Can Watch In Your Own Living Room

Looking for something fun for the whole family to watch? You’re in for a real treat! Classic game shows and reality competition shows are back in the spotlight, and available for purchase on DVD.

Check out our top picks from US websites, shop your favorites and ship them to your international doorstep in just 2-4 days with MyUS!

10. The Very Best of Match Game $16

Match Game

Get ready to match the stars and play everyone's favorite big money match game, right from the comfort of your own home! Buy it here

9. Best of All Star Family Feud $16

Family Feud

Relive the best moments from Richard Dawson's tenure on Family Feud with 28 all-star episodes, including Soap vs. All My Children, The Love Boat vs. Eight Is Enough, Welcome Back Kotter vs. Barney Miller and more! Buy the box set here.

8. The Best of The Price is Right $44

The Price is Right

TV icon Bob Barker made The Price is Right a household name, and now you can enjoy 26 of the most memorable episodes at home on DVD! Buy it here

7. Great Quiz Shows Of The '50s $6

Great Quiz Shows

See where the classic celebrity game show started! Stump the Stars pioneered the game-show tradition of showing famous big-name performers in a relaxed setting with lots of ad-lib and humor. Buy the 4 episode DVD here.   

6. You Bet Your Life $5

You Bet Your Life

You Bet Your Life staring Groucho Marx is one of those classic family shows that you just can't get enough of. Buy it here

5. Whose Line Is It Anyway? $45

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Whose Line Is It Anyway? is a hilarious series in which gifted comics devise sketches, impersonations, and songs based on suggestions, props and inspired goofiness from off-the-wall host Drew Carey - so much fun! Buy volume 1 & 2 of season 1 here

4. America's Next Top Model - Cycle 1 $26

America's Next Top Model

Hosted by supermodel Tyra Banks, watch beautiful contestants take part in a series of tests to determine who has the sheer strength, will, and attitude to make it as America's Next Top Model. Buy the first cycle here

3. The Amazing Race: Season 1 $18

The Amazing Race

This Emmy award-winning show from Jerry Bruckheimer follows contestants as they travel the world using clues, a modicum of cash, and their minds to be the last team standing. The prize? A million US dollars! Get the first season here

2. Project Runway: Season 4 $19

Project Runway

Filled with fashion, intense competition, and celebrity judges, Project Runway has launched the careers of several successful fashion designers. Get season four here.

1. Survivor Vanuatu $18


39 days, eighteen contestants, lots of competition and plenty of lies - but only one Survivor! Watch all the action of season seven here

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