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6 Angolan Influencers We’re Loving!

Angola is Africa’s seventh largest country and the birthplace of the dreadlock hairstyle. With a sophisticated culture and rich history, Angola has been termed, “The Paris of Africa” by citizens and tourists. While the land is rich full of natural resources, it’s the people that make Angola’s presence known around the globe. 

If you’re planning to tour Angola or want to learn more at the comfort of your home, these native influencers will show you what the country has to offer!

Jandira Henrique Lisboa Santos

Jandira Henrique Lisboa Santos wearing a denim jacket, blue jeans, and a gold watch in the middle of a street

If you need inspiration to make bold fashion choices and improve body positivity, you should follow Jandira Henrique Lisboa Santos. She loves to model in quirky and vibrant outfits with confidence in the comfort of her home or take you along through the urban areas of Angola. Her main message is to not only to entertain with her bold fashion and exciting photos, but also to empower people to find love within themselves. Give her a follow on her Instagram and be on the lookout for her if you come to Angola!

Uche Pedro

Uche Pedro modeling a white button up dress in a room full of white curtains and a light blue sofa

As the founder and CEO of BellaNaija, Uche Pedro dedicates her career to providing the latest in entertainment, lifestyle, and cuisine through her media tech brand, BellaNaija. Starting out as a blogger in her free time, Pedro wanted to improve the reputation of her country. What was once a small time gig about music transformed into a full-fledged media business. Through her increasing supporters, she began to partner with nonprofits and advocacy organizations to amplify important issues, tackling topics from sickle cell anemia to poverty alleviation. If you want to support an entertainment influencer that gives back to the community, follow her Instagram and subscribe to her website!

Bruna Tatiana

Bruna Tatian showing off a long black dress with black heels in front of a mirror

If you’re looking to follow a new musical sensation, look up the wonderful Bruna Tatiana! Known for her top hits “Te Quero Bue”, “Não Há”, and “Prometo Mudar”, and having  grown to 1 million followers, Bruna is a rising superstar you shouldn’t be missing. Check out her music videos on her YouTube channel or catch her performing songs, showing off new outfits, working out, or relaxing by the seaside—all on her Instagram.

Jessé Manuel

Jesse Manuel taking a selfie with his wife and child at one of his art exhibits

Immerse yourself into the culture and landscape of rural Angola with Jessé Manuel. Where many influencers have focused on entertainment and fashion, Manuel brings his followers to Angola’s natural environment, up close and personal. From glorious sunsets to smiling children in a village, his content brings out the simple joys of life through pictures that speak a thousand words. There are no urban buildings or city skylines in sight, only the life, people, and animals that inhabit the land. For more breathtaking photos of landmarks and sightseeing ideas, follow Jessé Manuel on his personal and professional Instagram.

Mary Almeida

Mary Almeida modeling a decorative white and pink top with a long pink and blue floral print skirt in a outdoor setting at night

With a video library full of informative beauty and makeup tutorials, hairstyle tips, outfit ideas, and much more, Mary Almeida is here to help! Her content helps viewers find the right beauty products to complement various skin complexions and outfits that perfectly match any occasion or style. Her outgoing and down-to-earth attitude will leave a positive impact on your day. Subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Instagram to help out this aspiring influencer.

Londrina Kelly

Londrina Kelly wearing a black football inspired jersey and black leggings in front of a grass green and red backdrop 

Enjoy a dose of humor and examples of luxurious summer wear with Londrina Kelly. You can find her posting content on social media. She isn’t afraid to model in front of the camera or poke fun at herself in short, comedic skits about life in Angola. Sometimes you will find her friends and family participate too! If you’re feeling down or need ideas for kickstarting your own page, follow Londrina’s official Instagram and find all the inspiration and comedy to lift your spirits.

Who are your favorite influencers from Angola? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook or Instagram who should be added to the list.


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