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MyUS Can Help You Avoid Buying and Shipping Counterfeit Items

The MyUS staff receives thousands of items at our facility every day, so we have become pretty good at distinguishing authentic goods from merchandise that may be counterfeit, bootleg or otherwise not of the same quality you expect when you buy a particular brand.

MyUS can help keep you safe by flagging potentially counterfeit merchandise and informing you when an item may not be available for export due to US and other countries customs regulations.

How We Spot Fake Purses, Beauty Products, Clothes and More

Counterfeit items may closely resemble the authentic product, and may be similar in style, size and appearance. Counterfeit items are often of much lower quality, though, and frequently have errors, blemishes or poor craftsmanship. These items may not function properly, may fall apart soon after you buy them or, in some cases, may not work at all.

When merchandise arrives at the MyUS distribution center in Sarasota, Florida, USA, our trained login agents carefully inspect the products to verify that the merchandise is not broken and that the product matches the description on the merchant invoice.

During this process, our login agents will look for cues that the item may be counterfeit. Some potential signs of a counterfeit item include new luxury brand items with low values or merchant invoices that indicate an unusually low purchase price for high-end items.

Low-quality materials or poor quality on an expensive brand are common signs of a counterfeit item. Obvious mistakes on the item’s logo or spelling errors on the item itself also indicate counterfeit merchandise.

MyUS Cannot Export Counterfeit Items (It's Illegal)

If you receive a counterfeit item that you purchased from a retailer in the USA, we may be able to help you return the item to the merchant. We cannot ship counterfeit items to any other party, including recipients, other than the seller, in the USA.

You can learn more about how to identify counterfeit products from the U.S. consumer organization Consumer Reports


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