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Awesome International Pets Day Gifts

It’s nice to give treats from time to time, but your pets deserve more than that. For International Pets Day, we rounded up wonderful gift ideas for all types of pets from cats and dogs to birds and lizards.

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Frisco Double Cube Stackable and Collapsible Cat Condo $59.99

A white and orange striped cat walking on top of a Gray Frisco Double Cube Stackable and Collapsible Cat Condo in a living room area

Do you wish that your cats had a place of their own? Get them this Collapsible Cat Condo to make home ownership a reality for your cats. The fur-lined bedding provides a cozy and comfortable area for naps and sunbathing. If your cat has problems choosing a spot, this large cat condo is the go-to solution.  

“My cats loved this immediately. There's enough room for mama cat and two 6 month old kittens to snuggle on top. The fabric and fur padding looks really really nice in person. And it's the perfect height for my windows.” SaraWithCats says.

Interactive Robotic Cat Toy $34.90

A grey and black striped kitten hunting a white Ralthy Store Interactive Robotic Cat Toy with grey wheels, LED lights, and a green feather wand

Increase your pet’s enrichment with this Interactive Cat Toy! Its automatic steering offers 3-4 hours of playtime on hardwood floors and carpets. The flashy LED lights and feather wand attract their attention while the multi-track irregular running provides a different experience every time that keeps your pets moving. 

“This quiet cat toy will keep your cat active and busy! It runs well on pretty much any surface, and it can get itself out of any corner easily. My cat loves the feather attachment and it comes with 2 of them. The automatic turn on and off feature is perfect for when you don’t have time to play with your cat all the time. You know when to charge it when it flashes red at the end of its battery life” Helpful Customer says in their five-star review.

Frisco Plush Orthopedic Front Bolster Bed $79.99

A white and grey dog sitting comfortably on an XL beige Frisco Plush Orthopedic Front Bolster Bed with Removable Cover


Don’t you hate it when your pets make your bed and couch their territory? We recommend this Plush Bolster Bed for your furry friends! Featuring a wrap-around gusset and super-comfy foam, your pets can have a cozy and comfortable lounging spot for chilly nights and daytime naps. 

“Absolutely recommend this bed for your puppers! While replacing her old bed with this new one, she couldn't decide which one she wanted to lie in. She was so adorable with receiving the new bed! Thank you, Chewy!!” DSummersTN raves.

L.L.Bean Dog Flotation Device $49.95

A blue and black L.L. Bean Dog Flotation Device with adjustable ties, buckles, carry handle, and grey nylon interior padding

If you and your dog enjoy water activities, wrap them up in this snazzy Flotation Device from L.L.Bean. Its lightweight nylon construction adds an extra layer of buoyancy without hindering their natural swimming ability. When you and your dog are ready to leave the water, lift them by the top handle and lead them to dry land.

“This is a must if you are taking your dog out on the water - board, kayak, or boat. So much easier to get them back up/in after they go for a swim. Happy paddling!” GetOutsideNic comments.

Cat Amazing Sliders Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle $24.95

A grey cat on top of a Cat Amazing Sliders Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Cat Toy in a living room space

If your pets are bored of battery-operated toys, then you should teach them problem-solving skills with this Sliders Maze & Puzzle set. Watch them interact through layers and openings to reach their favorite toys and treats. It’s an entertaining and challenging activity for restless pets. 

“My cat Dexter loves this toy. I drop in a few of his favorite treats and he has to figure out how to get them out. I use this especially at night to keep him busy before bed. It really challenges him.” states Susu.

OurPets IQ Treat Ball $12.45

A blue and clear blue plastic OurPets IQ Dog Treat Ball with dog kibble inside and a couple of pieces out of the opening

Combine food dispensers with toy balls, and you get this IQ Treat Ball! Fill it up with your dog’s favorite treats and watch them roll it around for hours until the ball is empty. It’s a fun way to slow down eating for their health, engage in an enriching activity, and reward their progress. 

“Our friend’s Bichon has one of these and my dog was obsessed with it when we went over their house so I bought her one too. It's about the size of a tennis ball and only holds a small amount of food, which is perfect for her as a distraction instead of as a feeding tool. I have to use small kibble because her normal kibble is too big. It's a very fun toy and a great distraction.” KayBeeCee says in her online review.

Resin Reptile Platform $14.96

A PINVNBY Resin Reptile Platform with fake trees and a lifelike rock design with a turtle and a small green reptile

International Pets Day isn’t exclusive to cats and dogs. Lizards deserve love too! Upgrade their living area with a Reptile Platform. This decorative food and water bowl mimics a jungle environment and has an interior space for smaller reptiles. 

“This is the perfect size for a leopard gecko. As soon as I put it in my daughter’s tank, he went straight into the cave. Not too big, just the right size as a water bowl or food dish, basking area, and cave.” says The Broken Wheel.

Noodoky Automatic Fish Feeder $27.99

A Noodoky Automatic Fish Feeder with a level portion control holding fish pellets with two goldfish in the bottom

Can’t remember if you fed your fish? This Automatic Fish Feeder solves that problem. Adjust the timer and watch it dispense all types of fish food from granulated flakes, pellets, and strips. This device is quiet, but it will notify you when it’s time to refill.

“Easy to program and very quiet. The feeder I previously used was always loud. When I first got this I had to check to see it was working because it is so quiet when dispensing food. Very nice product!” Jen states.

Nylabone Strong Chew Stick Maple Bacon Flavored Dog Chew Toy $20.79

A grey and tan Souper size Nylabone Strong Chew Stick Maple Bacon Flavored Dog Chew Toy

Satisfy your dog’s chewing obsession with this Bacon Flavored Chew Toy. It looks similar to a tree stick, but it has dental cleaning properties and a delicious maple bacon flavor that will have puppies and dogs coming back for more.  

“I have a very aggressive chewer and have bought many Nylabone toys over the last year. This one seems to be a favorite that she keeps going back to and hasn’t gotten bored of. The toy seems to have remained intact as well and pieces aren’t falling off, which can happen sometimes.” jbernstein comments.

Armarkat 20-in Two-Level Platform Cat Scratcher $49

A white and grey cat on top of a 20-inch grey and tan Armarkat Model X2001 Two-Level Platform Cat Scratcher and a mouse toy attached to a string

If your cats are obsessed with scratching, get them this Armarkat Cat Scratcher. There’s enough faux fur lining and thick wood material to keep them scratching at their heart’s content. After playing on the first floor, the second platform serves as a resting area for in-between breaks and naps. 

“I bought this for my cat for Christmas. He loves it! He is 11 years old. The first time he got on it he played with the toy that hangs down. It was very easy to put together also.” Mermaidqueen789 says.

SunGrow Coconut Shell Ladder Hut Bird House $14.99

A brown SunGrow Coconut Shell Ladder Hut Bird House with two yellow and green Parakeets

Impress birds and bird lovers with this Coconut Shell Hut. Made with 100% natural coconut husk, it’s the perfect hideaway that’s eco-friendly and fun for your feathery friends. The rugged texture and ladder encourage foot and beak exercises such as climbing, snacking, and perching. 

“This birdhouse is so cute and made of 100% natural coconut so it's safe for the birds and planet. The ladder is so cute and offers another perching spot for your feathery friends. I put mine outside but this would also be cute in a birdcage! Hangs easily via the loop not string!” AvaWoofWoof raves.

Pets hold a special place in our hearts and it’s great to find ways to let them feel special during International Pets Day. If you, your friends and family have animals of their own, get these gifts for all types of pets from MyUS!

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