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The Perfect Pet Outfits for The Holidays

Your pets are practically family and they should join in on all the festivities. With the holidays coming soon, wouldn’t it be great if you, your family, and your pet are all wearing festive holiday outfits?

We set up a list of fun, holiday-themed costumes that’ll look cute on your pets and get everyone excited for the holidays. Remember, all items can be shipped worldwide with MyUS and with no US sales tax.

Front Walking Santa Dog & Cat Costume $17.99

A small dog wearing a Front Walking Santa costume

Here comes Santa Dog (or Cat)! You can turn your pet into Father Christmas with this Front Walking Santa Costume. This costume comes in two pieces: one head dress and one body piece. All parts are made with pet-friendly elastics and straps for a comfortable fit. Great for holiday-themed photo ops or for fun. 

“I love this little outfit. I got a small for my chihuahua and it fits him well. The hat is a little big but the straps make it easy to stay on his head. Highly recommend this product.” Allie states in her “paw”some review.

Vintage Reindeer Matching Family Christmas Sweater $15.99

Small dog wearing a red, white, and blue reindeer sweater

Christmas sweaters and ugly sweaters go hand in hand for the holiday season. So why don’t you get your pet involved with their very own vintage knit Christmas sweater! The sweater consists of a soft and comfortable acrylic material that’s easily machine washable. The combination of Christmas trees and reindeer helps bring your pet into the holiday spirit.

“Purchased matching sweaters with our fur baby, and they're so much fun! Had to return one [human] sweater for a larger size, but customer service has been great” Summer P states in her helpful review.

Holiday Antler Headband & Bell Collar $11.99

  A golden retriever modeling antler headband and bell collar

If your pets aren’t a fan of full covered costumes, we have the right set for you. We present the Antler Headband and Bell Collar combo! The pieces cover the head and collar of both cats and dogs so they look just like Santa’s reindeers. This set is simple to put on and comfortable for your pets to keep on. 

“Good quality and love the adjustable headband elastic. Worked perfectly for my large lab and lab puppy since it’s adjustable. Cute for photos!” Penny recalls in her previous holiday event.

Pet Xmas Cloak $12.99

 Christmas Tree Cloak worn by a small white kitten

Tired of your pets messing around the Christmas Tree? Hopefully with this Xmas Cloak, your pets will be distracted by the little poms and leave the real tree alone! The cloak is made out of polar fleece, comes in classic Christmas colors, and has an easy button and strap to fit both cats and dogs.

“This was a hit in our house. My cat wasn't bothered by the hood nor the pom-poms by the face.” KristynB says in her five-star review.

Small Pet Holiday Winter Hat $12.99

  Two hamsters each wearing red and rainbow colored winter hats

We talked about costumes for cats and dogs, but we didn’t forget about our smaller hamster friends. Here we have a 2-piece holiday elastic hat for smaller pets. Each set comes with 1 red hat and 1 rainbow hat. Both are easily to adjust, strap on, and easy to maintain for all holidays. It’s also a great deal if you have two hamsters to dress!

“This hat looks absolutely adorable on my guinea pigs. They don't mind it when it is on.” Annika says in her online review.

Pets hold a special place in our hearts and it’s great to find ways to let them feel included during holiday gatherings. Whether it’s for Christmas or for Halloween, our furry friends should participate in the fun, too! If your friends and family have animals of their own, set up a time for all to wear matching costumes to create some unforgettable memories.







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