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The Best in Back-to-School (2017)

The time kids dread (and parents love) has arrived for many around the globe - back to school! While kids in some countries are heading back after a holiday break, many children are heading to a whole new year of school. Get them gear that will help them excel:

Asus Zenbook ($760)

Time to upgrade your child's computer or get them a laptop so they can do homework on the go? This powerful laptop moves to the head of the class for its versatility, power and price. This model comes with Kabt Lake Core i5 processor, fast SSD and great overall performance. Find it online here.

Epson Wireless Color Inkjet Printer with Scanner and Copier ($180)

This highly rated wireless printer/copier/scanner is perfect for printing great looking papers, assignments, classroom notes, photos are more. Find printers online here.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (Starting around $1,000)

As more students move to tablets, this is the one to have. Loaded with storage and power, this thin tablet easily replaces older, bulky laptops. Find the Surface Pro online at

The Ultimate Arkiv Backpack (Starting at $220)

Form, fashion and functionality come together to offer the ultimate backpack. Arkiv backpacks can also be customized to your child’s specifications adding even more storage compartments. Find Arkiv backpacks online here.

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator ($99)

For the math and science classes that call for a graphing calculator, this one stands out. Its large screen makes it easy to plot graphs and equations, it comes loaded with math and science apps and it allows for easy sharing data with laptops. Find calculators online at Amazon.

Kindle Paperwhite ($120)

As more text books and papers become electronic, it smart to have a reader that makes studying easy. Another great benefit is that it won’t add a lot of weight to your student’s backpack. Find Kindles online here.


Find the perfect pair of shoes at Zappos. From dress to casual to athletic, this online store has all the top brands, styles and sizes your children require. Find cool shoes online here.


When it’s time to update your child’s school wardrobe, it’s time to head to the Gap and Old Navy. Their great selection for kids of all ages will help you find the school clothing and uniform essentials they need. Find clothes they want to wear online here.

Athletic Wear

Under Armour has everything you child needs for school athletic classes and after-school endeavors. Their top-notch clothing, cleats, running shoes, sporting equipment and gear is all here ready to help you child excel. Find boys here and girls Under Armour gear online here.


MyUS can get these all these items, as well as other school essentials like paper, pens, pencils, lunchboxes and more to your student in time for the new session. We offer international shipping options that can get your merchandise to your door in as little as two days.


Note: MyUS has made all possible efforts to provide our members with the best shopping and shipping options available. All featured items, stores and offers are subject to change without notice. Also, stores may limit purchase quantities, or may not accept all forms of payment. Please check each retailer’s website for complete terms of sale, conditions, shipping limitations or for more information.


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