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Bahrain’s Hottest Influencers Of 2019

If you love following the latest trends and enjoy new content in your Instagram feed, you won’t want to miss Bahrain’s hottest influencers. Get the latest on fashion and beauty, find inspiration for your next workout (or vacation) and be entertained with just the click of a mouse!     

Don’t live in Bahrain? You’ll still love these influencers, we promise!

Ahmed Sharif

Ahmed Sharif smiling and billowing his tunic

If you like to laugh and be entertained, you need to follow Ahmed Sharif. Based in Bahrain, he creates videos and skits (many revolving around his favorite sport, football) designed to lighten the mood and make you smile. With over 4.6 million Instagram followers and 1.2 million YouTube subscribers, it's obvious that he's onto something!

Georgina Wiggins 

Georgina Wiggins posing with a brown horse

A self described "lover of all things beautiful, delicious and fashion-forward", Georgina Wiggins is an animal lover, avid horseback rider, and lifestyle blogger that's been living in Bahrain since 1998. On her blog, Blonde in Bahrain, she covers everything from shopping hauls and beauty product reviews to people and places in Bahrain that you need to know about. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram to be sure you don't miss a moment. 

Omar Farooq

Bahraini filmaker and influencer Omar Farooq sitting in a bathtub

Omar Farooq is a Bahraini filmmaker and media ambassador, most recently for Bahrain Islamic Bank. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to check out his online video collection, and follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates on his career and personal life.  

Shaima Rahimi

Bahraini TV Anchor and influencer Shaima Rahimi posing in a shopping center

Shaima Rahimi is a business women, wife, mother, and popular Bahraini TV anchor with a flair for fashion. Keep up with her daily looks and favorite places to shop as well as her personal and professional travels by giving her a follow on Instagram

Rasha Yousif

Bahraini Documentary & Travel photographer Rasha Yousif on safari in Africa

If you enjoy gorgeous photography of people and places from all over the globe, documentary and travel photographer Rasha Yousif's social media platform is for you. Whether you head over to her blog, Not Just A Photo, for detailed accounts on her travels or follow her on Facebook and Instagram to liven up your daily feed, you won't be disappointed. 

Mohammed Wido

Social media influencer Mohammed Wido

Social media influencer Mohammed Wido loves sharing his opinions and restaurant reviews with his followers, and does it with wit and humor. Join his growing list of followers on Instagram to keep up with his latest posts, and subscribe to his YouTube channel to check out his vlogs which range from cheesecake challenges and restaurant reviews to racing videos and Q&A sessions. 


Bahraini influencer Farah sitting down for a slice of cheesecake

Based in Bahrain, Farah is a digital project manager and lifestyle blogger that loves food, travel, and fashion. Follow her on Instagram to explore new cuisines and travel the world through your Instagram feed as she explores destination cities around the world, including Amsterdam, Holland, Dubai, and of course, Bahrain! 


Mango yogurt popsicles made by Bahraini food blogger and influencer Elena

Originally from Italy but now living in Bahrain with her husband Hassan and their chihuahua Pixie, Elena is a food photographer, recipe developer, and the creative mind behind Easy As Apple Pie, a blog dedicated to easy recipes made from simple ingredients. We love that her blog allows you to sort recipes not only by category, but also by diet, with plenty of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options to choose from. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for food inspiration and to know when she releases new recipes on her blog. 


Ma’amoul pastries as prepared by Bahraini cook and influencer Moya

Moya is a cook and photographer that loves to share her culinary knowledge and cooking experiences on her blog, Food and Tools, as well as her Instagram and Facebook accounts. She does all of her own food photography, and has endless tips and tutorials on everything from how to keep bees and plan the perfect menu for any occasion to a wealth of recipes for drinks, meals, appetizers, desserts, and garnishes. 

Who are your favorite bloggers from Bahrain? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook or Instagram who should be added to the list.


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