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4 Steps to Becoming the #1 Destination for US Products in Angola

Do you spent over $500/month on USA shipping? Do you own a business that relies on USA products delivered in perfect condition? Do you ship in volume? If you answered YES then you could save big by becoming a MyUS VIP member today!

Find out 4 easy ways to become that number one stop for US products in Angola!

#1 Know What U.S. Products Are in High Demand

Consumers buy different things from the US vs locally - be sure to give them what they want. Top US products shipped to Angolan consumers: 

  • Women's Clothing
  • Men's Shirts
  • Smartphone Cases
  • Mobile Telephones 
  • Jewelry & Watches 
  • Vehicle Parts
  • Toys
  • Shoes
  • Baby Clothing
  • Electronic Accessories 

#2 Get Your U.S. Inventory From the Most Popular U.S. Sources 

Shop like an American and get access to the best US brands and prices. Top US stores shopped by Angolan consumers: 

#3 Know How to Avoid Paying U.S. Sales Tax

You can pay 7% tax on every purchase, or find a partner that allows you to pay ZERO US sales tax! 

  • Apple iPhone 8 = you save $58 in sales tax
  • LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall = you save $10 in sales tax
  • AX Armani Exchange Bracelet Watch = you save $13 in sales tax
  • MAC Mellow Moderns Eyeshadow Palette = you save $5 in sales tax

#4 Consolidate Your U.S. Purchases Before You Ship

The right shipping partner can bundle your U.S. purchases for FREE, so you save BIG.

  • Amazon 36 lbs shipping = $140
  • Gymboree 20 lbs shipping = $88
  • Nordstrom 49 lbs shipping =$473

Total shipping direct from stores to AGO = $701

98 pounds bundled shipped to AGO with MyUS = $523

Your savings = $178!

The Right Shipping Partner can Deliver all 4....and More! 

MyUS has created a shopping & shipping solution with your needs in mind: 

  • Access to the US stores and brands your customers want
  • Freedom from Paying US sales tax on your purchases
  • A variety of shipping options at deeply discounted volume rates
  • Free package consolidation to maximize your savings
  • White-glove packing, so your items arrive in perfect condition
  • Safely & legally ship oversized items 

MyUS gives international shippers access to everything they need from the USA. Our customer service, packing and exporting teams lead the industry, and we are rated #1 by customers like you around the globe.

Become a VIP today! 



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