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Beard Grooming Kits Every Man Should Treat Himself To

Well-groomed beards may look maintenance-free, but they take effort and care. Whether you’re looking to up your beard game, find a great gift or treat yourself to a little pampering, we’ve found the right kit for you. Each of these grooming kits can be shipped from the US, right to your doorstep with MyUS: 

Mountaineer Beard Care Kit

This beard care kit from Mountaineer comes with 100% natural beard wash, balm and oil, along with a oval military-style brush to keep your beard looking flawless. Buy it here.

DapperGanger Beard Kit

What an awesome grooming kit. Not only are the beard wash, balm and oil certified organic and all natural, this kits also comes with stainless steel beard trimmer scissors, a metal beard comb that doubles as a bottle opener, and a super stylish travel bag to stow all your beard gear. Perfect for gift giving! Buy it from Amazon here.

Urban Prince/ BushKlawz Beard Care and Grooming Kit

This two piece kit brings together two big names in beard care, Urban Prince and BushKlawz. You’ll get a full size Urban Prince beard oil made of a unique blend of JoJoba, Argan, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Oils (smells terrific!) and a 2Klawz Full Sized Men’s Beard & Hair Comb that will tame even the most unruly beard. Buy the kit here.

Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit

It's one of the pricier kits on our list, but if you’re ready to splurge on your beard, this kit delivers. The shampoo, conditioner and oil are filled with premium ingredients that restore shine and add volume, while the 100% boar bristle brush tames even the thickest beards. Buy it here.

Sunshine’s Stache Original Beard Grooming Kit

This handmade beard grooming kit includes beard wash, aftershave, beard balm, beard oil, a brush & comb for styling and scissors for grooming, all in a decorative wooden box, perfect for gift giving. With ingredients that include beeswax, vitamin E, coconut oil and other essential oils, this kit will keep your beard conditioned and looking great. Buy it here.

Lion Man’s Beard Care Kit

This kit contains beard wash, balm and oil that is vegan, cruelty free, paraben-free and phalate-free. Available in 3 scents, it’s everything you need to nourish and restore moisture to your beard. Buy it here.

Thirteen Thieves Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit

Sensitive Skin? Using certified organic/kosher oils and 100% natural ingredients, this beard kit is perfect for sensitive skin. It’s available in five delicious scents, and well as unscented, for those who like to keep it super simple. The kit comes with 1 oz Beard Oil and 1 oz Beard Balm tin, 1 Tube (.15 oz) Moustache Wax, Military Style Boar Bristle Brush, Natural Cherrywood Beard Comb and Professional Barber Shears. Buy it here.

Cardinham Killigrew Beard Kit

Looking for the ultimate gift for that special someone? Each beard kit from Cardinham Kalligrew contains precision scissors, beard oil, a carbon comb, shave bowl, double-sided razor, a boar bristle brush, shave cream, shave balm - and a pocket watch! And that’s not all - each kit is presented in a custom stained and painted grooming box lined with fabric, each one is handmade and truly unique! Customize your kit here.

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