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8 Natural & Organic Deodorants You Should Know About

All-natural deodorants that are better for your skin, health and the environment sound great - but do they work?  In a nutshell, yes! While natural deodorants don’t block perspiration with aluminum, the best natural deodorants combat wetness and odor with natural ingredients that inhibit odor-causing bacteria and absorb wetness.

We’ve rounded up our top eight favorites, and each of these highly-rated deodorants get the job done, smell wonderful, use all natural ingredients, are cruelty-free and can be shipped to your international address with MyUS:

8. North Coast Organics: Death by Lavender $9

This 100% natural aluminum-free organic deodorant smells fabulous, is vegan and cruelty-free and uses wax and arrowroot powder to combat underarm perspiration. Buy it here

7. Sam's Natural Cedar $10

Sam’s Natural deodorants are chemical free and get awesome reviews on Amazon. Available in 16 scents (all vegan & cruelty-free), we love the woodsy, sweet scent of Cedar. Buy it here.

6. Kiss My Face Active Life Deodorant in Cucumber Green Tea $5

Using natural odor absorbing botanicals including coriander, hops and rosemary, this deodorant will keep you fresh and confident all day - without the chemicals. The cucumber green tea scent is light and pleasant, and the stick formula leaves no white marks on your clothing. Buy it here.

5. Schmidt's Bergamot + Lime $9

Schmidt’s deodorants combat odor and wetness without controversial chemicals like aluminum and propylene glycol, and the Bergamot + Lime scent is absolutely delicious. They carry a wide range of scents in stick and jar form, and also have a sensitive skin line. Buy yours here.

4. Tarte Clean Queen Vegan Deodorant $14

This cream-to-powder formula leaves no white marks, and its aluminum & alcohol-free formula is chock full of natural odor neutralizers & conditioners for a healthy, clean feel without harsh chemicals. Buy it here

3. Lavinila The Healthy Deodorant Sport Luxe $14

Winner of Allure’s Best of Beauty award in 2016, Sport Luxe is infused with proprietary SmartSport Technology to break down sweat molecules and deliver high performance, all-natural odor protection in a fresh and breezy scent. Buy it here.

2. Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Cream in Tea Tree $14

Meow Meow Tweet’s underarm cream is certified organic and smells absolutely dreamy. It uses baking soda, arrowroot and clay to help keep you dry and control odor, and shea butter and organic plant oils to moisturize and soothe sensitive underarm skin. Buy it here.

1. Primal Pit Paste Deodorant Lavender $11

Battle body odor naturally with Primal Pit Paste. It’s scented with lavender essential oils for a soft, floral aroma and uses cruelty-free all-natural ingredients to control odor and absorb wetness. Buy it here.

We love bringing the best products and offers to our members, but some of the deodorants mentioned above may have purchase restrictions, or may not take all forms of payment. Please check the merchant’s terms of sale, shipping guidelines or terms and conditions for more information.



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