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Discover the Best Pet Supplies Online for Your Beloved Pets

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Pets are beloved members of the family, and when shopping for our furry friends, we want to make sure we’re buying the best products available (and at the best prices). But, with so many products to choose from, how do you know what’s safe - and what your pet will actually like?

Trustworthy Products Made in the USA

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When it comes to safety, choosing products made in the USA is a great start. These products are held to higher regulatory standards than products made in some other countries. And, finding quality products online is easier than ever before. 

Shop The Best Pet Supply Websites With MyUS

Using reputable websites is another important step when shopping for pet supplies online. Quality pet supply websites depend on returning customers and good reviews, so most have great return policies, work hard to ensure the products on their site are accurately labeled, and welcome customer questions. Some of our members’ favorite stores for pet supplies include:

1. logo

2. Amazon
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3. 1800 Pet Supplies

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4. PetSmart 
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5. Barkbox 
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With MyUS, it’s easy to shop these stores and more, even if they don’t ship directly to your city or town. Just use your MyUS address at checkout and when we receive them at our US warehouse, we’ll reship them to you quickly, in as little as 2-4 days! 

Awesome Pet Products

Now for the other piece of the puzzle - which products will you and your pets love? We’ve picked our favorite 25 products on the market today, including everything from toys and beds to supplements and leashes. And, they can all be shipped internationally with MyUS from US websites. Ready to get started? Let's go!

25. Busy Buddy Nobbly Nubbly Dog Toy $19

Purple and white dog bone shaped toy with packaging

This awesome made in the USA dog toy is also a treat that will keep your pooch busy for hours. Four treat rings are included (refills are available) and can be added to the toy for added entertainment. (Smear peanut butter in the grooves of the toy for even more of a challenge!) Buy it here.

24. Dynos T-Rex Cat Toy $5

Blue rectangle pattern shaped dinosaur

If your cat loves stuffed toys, you need to try this T-Rex toy from Kong. It has a unique and varied texture and a crinkle noise that encourages cats to take part in active play. The plush body is great for snuggling, and premium catnip provides a reward for your feline's playtime. Buy one here.

23. Incredibubbles for Dogs & Cats $5

Orange tube filled with bubbles and packaging

Does your pet love bubbles? Give him bubbles that are safe to eat, with delicious flavors they’ll love! Incredibubbles are non-toxic, long lasting bubbles that dry in the air and land on the ground intact, ready for your dog or cat to pounce! Buy them here.

22. Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball $8

Orange ball with holes in it

Insert small treats or kibble into this soft, pliable ball, and let the fun begin. Dogs love rolling this ball around to dispense treats - interactive fun that can last for hours. Buy it here.

21. Orthopedic Pet Sofa Bed $105

Brown dog sitting in gray sofa bed with rounded edges

If your dog or cat has stiff joints or arthritis, this sofa bed will have them sitting pretty. It’s made of high density memory foam to soothe and support pressure points in the joints, and the bed cover is water resistant, removable and machine washable for easy cleaning. Buy it here.

20. Kurgo Loft Wander Travel Dog Bed $46

Black dog laying on red blanket wearing red pack

Need a dog bed for travel? Whether it’s a trip to the lake, a weekend away or something longer, this waterproof travel bed made of rip stop material and polytech fill is a super cozy spot for your favorite canine, and it rolls up in just seconds for easy transport. Buy it here.

19. Self-Warming Pet Pad $10

Cat sitting on gray rectangular pad

If your pet loves a warm spot to snuggle in, try this pet pad. It’s made of unique materials that utilize and absorb your pet’s natural heat to keep them warm and has a microfleece cover for ultimate cozy comfort. Buy it here.

18. Pawhut Elevated Cooling Bed & Canopy $37

Small gray tent bed

Keep your furry friend cool on warm, sunny days with this elevated pet bed. The durable mesh fabric and elevated design keeps pets cool, and the included canopy top shades and shields them from the sun. Buy it here.

17. Adjustable Cat Harness with Collar and Leash $10

Red harness with black clips and red leash with silver clip

If your cat is ready to adventure outside, but isn't familiar with the outdoors, this harness is a great way to get them comfortable. Made by PupTeck, this harness is thicker and stronger than other brands, so you know your feline friend will be secure. Plus, this harness also works great for small dogs under 12 pounds. Buy it here.

16. No-Pull Dog Leash $30

Dog wearing black and green leash around waist

For a simple (and quick) solution to leash pulling while still using a collar, the ThunderLeash is the way to go. It converts from a regular dog leash to a no-pull leash in seconds by simply wrapping the leash around your dog’s torso and fitting it into the attached clasp. When your dog pulls, gentle pressure is applied to your dog’s torso and encourages them to stop pulling. Buy it here.

15. ThunderLeash No-Pull Retractable Dog Leash $50

Black leash and handle

Looking for a no-pull solution in a retractable leash? ThunderLeash also has a retractable version of their super cool leash, allowing you to quickly convert from a standard retractable to a no-pull retractable in seconds. Just clip the leash to your dog’s collar, wrap it around your dog’s torso and fit the leash into the clasp - it’s that easy! Buy it here.

14. FullBucket Daily Dog Probiotic Powder $28

Big white container with cream powder with scoop

Probiotics support your dog’s good gut bacteria, strengthen the immune system and improve the absorption of nutrients from your pet’s food. Get the highest concentration of probiotics available in this convenient powder from FullBucket. It’s made in the USA from 100% all-natural ingredients and has a flavor dogs love. Buy it here.

13. WellCare Pets Probiotic Powder for Cats $13

Probiiotics for cats package

Regulate your cat's digestive system with this made in the USA probiotic powder. It's odorless, tasteless, and mixes well with both wet and dry food, so there's no need to worry if your cat will like it. In addition to supporting good gut bacteria, this will give your cat's immune health, joints, skin, and coat a boost. Buy it here

12. The Honest Kitchen Perfect Form Herbal Dog & Cat Nutritional Supplement $15

Dog and cat herbal supplement container

Support your dog or cat’s gastrointestinal health with this made in the USA herbal supplement from The Honest Kitchen. It’s made with 100% human grade, whole food ingredients that are minimally processed and ideal for pets with occasional digestive upset, Colitis, or IBS. Buy it here.

11. Skin & Coat Supplement with Hempseed Oil $24

Hempseed oil bottle with pump

Help support the skin, coat and joint health of your dog or cat with this supplement from Ultra Oil. It contains 100% human-grade, virgin-pressed hemp oil, flaxseed oil, and fish oil to help relieve allergic breakouts, itching, dryness and joint discomfort, and provides essential fat soluble vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids for healthy tissue repair. (And if you’ve used a fish oil supplement before, you’ll appreciate that this one has no “fishy” smell!) Buy it here.

10. GlycoFlex Stage III Senior Joint Support Dog Tablets $37

GlycoFlex dog tablets capsule bottle

Recommended by veterinarians for over 30 years, these tablets contain glucosamine, MSM and perna canaliculus for superior joint care for a variety of stages and ages, including active and competitive dogs for additional support, seniors showing signs of age and discomfort, and dogs that are recovering from orthopedic surgery. Buy it here.

9. Vitachew Soft Chewable Tablets for Cats $10

Vitachews for cats package

Give your cat an extra boost! These chicken liver flavored soft chewable tablets are filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support your cat’s coat, skin, immune system, digestion, and overall health. Plus, they’re made in the USA. Buy them here

8. Fresh Breath Oral Care Kit $10

Oral care kit package and products

Keep your pet’s breath fresh and teeth healthy with this all-in-one kit that contains a natural ingredient toothpaste, a finger brush for gentle cleaning (great for beginners) and full length toothbrush that powers through plaque and tartar from three directions. Buy the kit here.

7. Breath Bites Dental Chews $11

Breath Bites package

Used daily, these dental chews from Pet Naturals of Vermont are made in the USA, use cinnamon to support healthy bacteria in the mouth (key in fighting bad breath), spirulina for a deodorizing effect, and champignon mushroom extract to suppress odor causing toxins in the intestines, which helps reduce fecal odor. Buy them here.

6. Slow Feeder Bowl $12

Blue circular bowl with pet food

Eating too fast can cause health issues in dogs and cats, and this bowl slows them down the fun way - with a puzzle! Just fill the bowl with your pet’s usual food and the unique shape of this bowl will help them eat slower for better digestion. Top rack dishwasher safe and great for wet or dry food. Buy it here.

5. PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain $45

White water bowl and fountain

Drinking water helps prevent urinary and kidney diseases in dogs and cats, and you can encourage your pet to drink more with a pet fountain. This one from PetSafe provides a stream of fresh water that’s very enticing to dogs, cats, and other pets, and keeps them drinking longer. It’s top-shelf dishwasher safe, allows for a replaceable carbon filter that removes bad tastes and odors, has a built-in reservoir to hold up to 168 ounces of water, and is made of BPA-free plastic. Buy it here.

4. Travel Water Bowl  $16

White and blue water bowl with handle

Give your pet fresh water on-the-go with this convenient travel bowl. It holds up to 3 quarts of water and it’s engineered to be used in a moving vehicle without spilling - awesome! Buy it here.

3. Food & Water Dishes $10

Clear tupperware with food and water

If your pet does any travel in a carrier, these dishes will really come in handy. They attach securely to all metal grated kennel doors, have spill resistant rims and are airline approved and required. Buy the set here.

2. 3-Wheel Folding Stroller $45

Red stroller with three wheels and mesh

When your pet can’t go on walks due to joint pain or surgery, or if they just can’t keep up with longer walks, this stroller is the perfect answer. It holds dogs or cats up to 33 pounds, has rear locking wheels for safety, mesh windows for easy viewing and folds quickly for easy transport. Buy it here.

1. Comfy Go Back Pack Pet Carrier $46

Tiny dog inside black and purple carrier case

Let your pet get in on the action with this back pack carrier that allows you to carry your small dog or cat while remaining hands-free. The carrier has mesh windows for ventilation and breaks down quickly for easy storage. Buy it here.

Bonus Pet Shopping Tips!

When picking products for your pet, be check ingredient labels and products reviews, and if you have a question, ask! Companies that care take pride in their ingredients and are happy to answer questions, especially through social media sites like facebook and Instagram.

If you're looking at products from multiple websites, remember, as a MyUS member, you enjoy free package consolidation, saving you a bundle on shipping. To use this service, simply place your orders using your MyUS address, and when your parcels arrive, we’ll consolidate your purchases for a savings of up to 80% on typical global shipping costs!

We love introducing our members to new products, but some of the pet supplies featured above could have purchase restrictions, or may not take every form of payment. Find more information by viewing merchant’s terms of sale, shipping guidelines and/or terms and conditions.


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