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Get Great Bluetooth Sound With a Bose SoundLink

We store a lot of music on our portable devices, but these devices don’t always give us the best sound. Whether you keep your music on a phone, iPod, iPad or anything else with Bluetooth, you can use the Bose SoundLink to get the best quality sound in a portable, wireless high-quality speaker.

Even though most smart phones and portable devices come with headphones, you may be missing some of the best parts of your music if you’re not using a high-quality speaker. Bose has made sure that you can get the best possible sound without the need for wires with its SoundLink portable Bluetooth speaker.

Bose uses its own famous technology to produce deep, full sound in a speaker system small enough to carry with you anywhere. At less than three pounds, the SoundLink is small enough and light enough to carry with you wherever you want to go. It even features a rechargeable battery, so you can enjoy rich sound even without a power outlet. To ensure uninterrupted sound, the SoundLink also features an enhanced status light that changes from green to yellow when the battery gets low, and changes again to red when you need to recharge the battery.
You only need to pair your Bluetooth device with the Bose SoundLink speaker one time. Once you pair your phone, iPod or other device with the speaker, it’s ready to play anytime you want. You can even pair up to six Bluetooth devices, so the SoundLink can be ready to play no matter what music source you choose. You can control the sound with the SoundLink’s own power and volume controls, or you can up the volume directly from your own device.

The Bose SoundLink comes in a basic but fashionable black finish with a dark gray nylon cover. To match your personal style, though, you can also pick up an extra cover available in tan leather, black leather, blue nylon or red nylon (pictured above).

The black and gray SoundLink starts at just $299, and shipping to your suite is FREE when you order from Amazon with Super Saver shipping. At such a low price and with speedy delivery from, you can order now and be enjoying deep, full sound directly from your phone in as little as a few days!

How to order: Click here to order from Amazon.
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