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Buy the Nike Fuelband and Get in Shape!

If 2013 is the year that you vow to get in shape, lose weight or just exercise more, the Nike Fuelband can help you do it. You can purchase the band on sale at Amazon and then use MyUS to ship it overseas - tip: use our international shipping charge calculator to see how much it will cost to ship to your country.

At first glance, the Nike Fuelband looks like a bracelet with a built-in LED digital watch. The Fuelband is much more, though, as its sports-tested electronic circuits allow it to track your daily activity like running, walking, dancing, sports and almost any other activity that involves movement.

To help you keep in shape or meet your fitness goals, the Fuelband syncs with an app on your smartphone or with software on your computer. You can use the app and software to set goals for yourself, including how much time you spend being active, how many calories you want to burn and how many steps you want to take.

Each morning, the Fuelband will start out with red colored lights. As you work toward your goal, the Fuelband’s lights turn green; when all the lights are green, you have met your goal for the day.

The Nike Fuelband also makes fitness fun! As you meet your goals, you can earn digital trophies as rewards. The Fuelband also relays your progress to the app or software, so you can track your progress and plan your fitness goals around your performance. The app can even give you extra motivation while you’re on the go. You can even share your results with friends to foster friendly competition.

The Nike Fuelband is available in three colors: white ice, black ice and solid black. The bracelet comes in one of three sizes: small (147 mm), medium/large (172 mm) and extra large (197 mm). The Fuelband also includes one 8mm insert and one 16mm insert that allow you to adjust the bracelet size for a perfect fit.

Prices start at just $170. To order yours and get started on your fitness goals for 2013, visit check it out on Amazon today.


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