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U.S. Merchants Offer Great Bargains on Bicycles for Sport and Utility

In some parts of the world, a bicycle is a luxury device great for exercise and recreation. In other parts, bicycles are necessities for the daily commute. However you use them, you can always find great deals on bicycles, parts and accessories from U.S. merchants.

Many U.S. bicycle merchants offer a full range of bikes in almost every price range. Retailer Bikes Direct, for example, offers road bikes, mountain bikes, commuter bikes, cruisers, BMX bicycles and even hybrid bikes for men and women. Depending on your purpose, you can buy a complete bicycle for as little as US $269 (and shipping can be cheap too).

If you would like a bicycle with more features, including a very lightweight model with a carbon frame, high-end bicycles like this one sell for more than US $1,000. Many of our customers prefer carbon bicycles for their light weight; the lighter weight makes the bicycles easier to carry and less expensive to ship. Because of the advanced materials used for these bicycles, carbon bikes often carry a high price tag. Even if you select a less expensive and slightly heavier bicycle, Bikes Direct will ship it to your suite for free!

Serious cyclists and those who rely on bicycles for everyday commutes may be interested in the Motobecane Le Champion titanium-frame bike. Even though this bicycle is lighter than a carbon model, it is stronger and very easy to propel. According to the product review, the Le Champion “never feels dead or sluggish under power.” It is also very comfortable even when riding over broken asphalt or gravel. Despite the bike’s US $2,899.99 price tag, Bikes Direct ships the Le Champion to your suite for free and does not charge U.S. sales tax.

If you prefer to ride off road, or if you want to spend much less on a bicycle, the Motobecane 300HT may be the bicycle for you. This no-frills mountain bike costs only US $269, but it includes V brakes, long travel (and adjustable) front shocks, a wide seat and sculpted rear dropouts. Professional reviewers declared the 300HT frame as one of the best for its price range. Even though the 300HT is a somewhat heavier bicycle, Bikes Direct still ships it to your suite for free.

Of course, you’ll need accessories for your bicycle, and U.S. retailers like Amazon can supply almost any type of accessory you could possibly want. Amazon lists numerous LED headlights, tail lights, seat bags and bicycle computers on their website. You can also get a bicycle rack for your car priced at under $25, and gel cushioned seats cost as little as $20.

No matter how you use your bicycle, you can always find great deals with U.S. merchants. And, with free or low-cost shipping to your suite, you can have your new bicycle or accessory waiting at your door in just a few days!

Do you have a favorite bicycle brand or merchant? We would love to hear about it. Please use the comments area below to share your bicycling stories.


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