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What are "Dangerous Goods"? Can I Ship Them Internationally?

What Items Are Considered "Dangerous Goods" in Shipping? (The Answers Might Surprise You)

Hazardous Materials for Transportation (or "Dangerous Goods") are products and substances that can pose danger to people, property and the environment while being transported.

These dangerous items can include products that obviously pose a safety risk, such as a grill with a large flammable gasoline tank, but many common household items are also labeled as "dangerous" when being shipped.

Red and orange Sign that says flammable and explosive

Seemingly harmless everyday consumer products can be regulated under transport rules due to ingredients that make up the product. For example:

  • Did you know that nail polish, perfume, hand sanitizer, paint and shoe polish can all be flammable?
  • Or that make-your-own soda products come with pressurized non-flammable gas?
  • And think about all the cell phones and electronic devices that are powered by lithium batteries (yes, batteries are considered dangerous goods.)

Every one of us buys or uses products labeled as a dangerous good on a regular basis, and we may not even realize it.

While these products are perfectly fine for use in our daily lives, when it comes to moving them around the world, we need to be certain they are shipped safely.

Can I Ship Dangerous Goods Internationally?

Yes, many items labeled as hazardous materials can still be shipped abroad, however, these items require specific packaging and labeling to make sure all the hard-working people that make worldwide transportation possible are aware of the potential hazard.

MyUS has helped people around the world safely and legally ship dangerous goods since 1997.

We know the international laws regarding dangerous goods and how to identify, classify, pack, label and handle these dangerous goods.

MyUS Safely Ships Dangerous Materials from the USA to Many Countries

MyUS is passionate about our members’ satisfaction, and we want to provide the best service we possibly can. That’s why we are serious about properly identifying, handling and preparing your goods for transportation.

Many freight forwarders and global shipping companies do not offer this type of dangerous goods handling service, but MyUS is different.

We are the experts when it comes to customs laws and shipping hazardous materials. We have a staff of professionals that are trained, certified and dedicated to making sure your products are delivered safely to your door, and that the people delivering your products stay safe as well.

If you're not sure whether you can ship an item that's been deemed hazardous, just ask your MyUS representative. Not a member yet? Join today!


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