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Choosing the Right Tablet or eReader for You

With the latest launch of the iPad 3, our warehouse has been quickly filling up with all the latest tablets and e-readers for international shipment. These increasingly popular, mobile devices, often with a touch screen, are all the rage no matter where you live. We’ve come up with a breakdown of some of the most popular tablets and where you can find one (you can also have one of our personal shoppers buy one for you if you're having trouble buying an iPad online from outside the US).

• Apple iPad - By now, this is one tablet that almost everyone has heard of. When choosing whether to save money and buy an iPad or iPad 2 over the iPad 3, consider what you'll be using it for. The biggest draw for the iPad 3 is the remarkable camera quality. You can find these at stores like Best Buy, Amazon and eBay.

• Kindle Fire - This has also been a very popular item internationally. It is much cheaper than the iPad and offers more features than a typical e-reader. With WiFi capabilities, international owners have not run into difficulties using this device overseas. Kindle Fires can be found at Amazon.

• Blackberry Playbook - There are a few features that has this tablet outshining the iPad and iPad 2 - the HD resolution is great for watching movies, it offers stereo speakers and if you already use Blackberry mail this is an easier switch offering better security. Find these at Office Depot, Best Buy and Staples.

• Samsung Galaxy - These new tablets made a big splash at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in the USA this year. Features like size, weight, keyboard, battery life and storage space were all noted as positives for this tablet. These can be found at Newegg,, Best Buy and Office Depot.

What is your favorite tablet? 


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