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10 College Dorm Essentials Your Kid Needs (and Wants)

Sending your child away to school just got a little easier - now you can shop back to school sales at different US websites and we’ll bundle your purchases together and ship them overseas in efficient, low-cost packages. This free consolidation service can save you hundreds on shipping versus shipping items one-by-one from each store. Ready to get that university shopping list done in a few clicks? Here are some essentials (and some fun stuff) that will help your kid feel more at home while they’re away at school:

Wall Calendar ($17.99)

Every college student needs a reminder of what day of the week it is. A decent size wall calendar means they can't miss it. They might say they won’t need it, but they’ll use it like there life depends on it, from planning when assignments are due to what day of the week their study group is. Buy it on

Mini Fridge ($90.74)

This one is vital when your child is sharing a small space with a roommate and is. Nothing says ‘home’ like having their favorite drinks and snacks within arm's reach during late night study sessions. Buy it here

Shower Caddy ($18.97)

Every person needs a good shower caddy when they live on campus. It’s not like home, where they can leave all their stuff in the shower and not have to worry if someone used their $20 hair product. Keep things clean, safe and in one place with this mold-resistant bag. Find it on Amazon.

Closet Organizer ($19)

College living often means being tight on space. Save space with a few closet organizers. Find these at

Cool Wall Decals ($38.00)

This might not sound like a need but it probably is to your kid. It’s not going to feel like home unless they can decorate their space and add some personal flair. Buy it here.

A Bike ($202.49)

A nice two-wheeler comes in handy when a student has two classes at the opposite ends of campus. It also great for keeping fit and doesn't need expensive fuel when riding around campus and town. Find it on

Combo Cork & Dry Erase Board ($21.07)     

If there’s one thing that goes a long way to help with organization, it’s a board that a university student can leave reminders on. Get it here.

Water Bottle (Starting at $35)

Find a cool bottle they really like and they’ll take it with them everywhere - all their classes, the gym, literally anywhere. Find it online here.

Oriental Lanterns ($12.19)

Some dorm rooms are dreary. Add some of these with the wall decals and it’ll liven up the space and add a little extra cheer. Buy it on

Rainboots ($24.53)

This is something they never think they need, but they’ll thank you later. It’s easier to trudge through rain puddles with a pair of rainboots than having to suffer through five classes with wet socks. Find it here.


Going to college is much easier when you don’t have to worry about the small things. Shop your favorite American retailers and MyUS can deliver your purchases to you in as fast as 2 days, worldwide. As you shop, remember that MyUS can store all these university-bound products for up to 30 days – absolutely free – so when can send them in one package to save you even more on international shipping. 

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