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The Coolest Coasters for Your Table

Worry no longer for your beautiful wooden tables or marble countertops—coasters are here to save the day!

Whether you are moving into a new living space or looking to refresh your dining table accessories, you're going to love our current favorite coasters. Shop any of the stylish coasters below and ship them fast to your international address with MyUS! 

Millie Coasters $19.95

A Set of 4 Millie Coasters that come in transparent pink, black, orange, and blue colors

Ever get tired of hearing, "Whose drink does this belong to?" at your parties or get-togethers? Add this 4-Piece Millie Coasters set to your setup and avoid future confusion! Each coaster has a unique color, keeps condensation drips from your tables, and prevents scratching on surfaces. 

“Unique coaster set. Needed a pop of color in the room. Just like the picture!” Gabby says in her five-star review.

Cork Coasters with Holder $14.99

A set of absorbent cork coasters with printed flower art and a glass of limeade

For the best in condensation absorption, choose cork! These Absorbent Cork Coasters will prevent any moisture from reaching your counters and tabletops, while adding warmth to your home design and fun with the variety of designs. These coasters are both eco-friendly and safe for children to use and also come with a stand to hold them neatly while not in use.

“These are cute and look nice in the living room. They are cork so I don’t have to worry about the kids dropping or breaking them.” Misty0705 states.

Personalized Floral Farmhouse Tumbled Stone Coaster Set $29.99

Wilkerson, tree sprigs, and the letter W printed on four personalized floral farmhouse tumbled stone coasters

Need a last minute wedding gift or housewarming present? How about a Personalized Floral Stone Caster set! Pick from eight color options and customize them with a name and initial of your choosing. The sturdy chiseled coasters also have cork backing that prevent scratches and sliding on your table.

“I absolutely loved my coaster set. Extremely durable and not cheaply made, Good strong material. I LOVED my personalization the best.” Crystal B raves.

Flo Marble and Brass Coasters Set of 4 $69.95

A set of four Flo white marble and brass coasters mixed with blue lapiz, pink stone, black kadappa, green pizer and mother of pearl stones

Combine contemporary art paintings with the finest materials and you’ll get this Flo Marble and Brass Coasters set! Each coaster is handmade with precious stones such as blue lapiz, black kadappa, and green pizer. These elegant dining table accessories will stand out at all your parties.

“I am happy with my purchase. These coasters are modern and timeless. Very sturdy and well made.” Adrienne says.

Groovy Record Round Vinyl Cup Coasters $9.48

A set of six Groovy Record Round Vinyl Cup Coasters

Get this Record Vinyl Cup Coasters set for the music lover in your life. Each coaster has a unique vinyl record design with a rubber non-slip back. You can store the coasters on your table as usual or hang them on your wall to double as decoration! 

“These are really cute and look just like little records. Bought for my musician hubby, he loves them!” Pamela exclaims.

Dinosaur Skeleton Slate Coasters $21.30

A set of four black slate coasters with a T-Rex, Sabertooth Tiger, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus skeleton print

This Dinosaur Skeleton Slate Coaster set is an exciting addition to any dinosaur lover’s life! Each coaster has a custom laser-engraved dinosaur skeleton, with prehistoric designs like T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and even Sabretooth Tiger. Use these coasters to serve drinks or put on display as a prehistoric centerpiece. 

“Nicely made & will make a perfect present! They arrived quickly!” Chloe Harford comments.

Koogel Inflatable Drink Holders $7.99

A pack of ten Koogel Inflatable Drink Holders with jelly sprinkle donuts, hearts, and fruit designs

Planning a pool party? Keep your drinks with you at all times with these Inflatable Drink Holders from Koogel! Friends and family can each enjoy their own personal pool coaster with all of these fun designs to choose from.  

“We used these on vacation to sit and chill in the ocean. They were great during traveling, there were no defects or holes in any of them, and I will have to use them again for our next trip!!” Bridget states. 

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