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Customs, Duties & Taxes: The Exporter's Guide to Saving Money

Thinking about buying and shipping products from the USA? Any time a shipment comes from outside your home country, it must be entered and cleared through customs, and may be subject to duties and taxes before you can receive delivery. Sphere with different country flags around it

The import process can be complex, which is why you need professionals—like customs brokers—to assist you.

The good news is, MyUS’ courier partners have their own customs brokerage departments that can handle the complex procedures for you. They may ask you to provide some information or to complete a form or two (remember, it’s a complicated process), but it’s much easier than trying to manage it by yourself. 

However, something you DO want to handle yourself is paying duties and taxes. Why? Because anyone else who promises to pay these fees for you is going to ADD more charges for that service.

For example, many US merchants who ship direct and include duties and taxes in their fees aren’t certain what those charges will be once the order is cleared through customs in your country.

To cover for this uncertainty, the merchant will add a few percentage points on top of what they think the charges will be. That means YOU pay more. 

Save on Taxes and Duties by Choosing MyUS

With MyUS, your duties are not included in your shipping costs, but our courier partners can handle complex customs tasks on your behalf. And you’ll save money by paying customs or the courier directly, instead of paying third-party charges to other service providers.

Don’t be fooled by the convenience of shipping direct from US merchants—save by using MyUS

Questions about duties and taxes on a particular item? Your local customs office can help you estimate those costs. 


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