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Decor Deals: Post-Holiday House Cleaning

The holidays have come and gone, leaving behind memories, joy, and often a bit of chaos in our homes. As we bid farewell to the festive season, there's no better way to kickstart the new year than with a thorough post-holiday house cleaning. We know, we hate it too.

But fear not, for we have gathered an arsenal of cleaning hacks and budget-friendly decor deals to help you transform your space into a haven of cleanliness and style. From nifty organizing strategies to snagging discounted decor items, let's embark on this transformative journey together. 

Magic Eraser

1 piece of Mr. Clean’s magic eraser pad

You can say goodbye to scuff marks, stains, and mystery smudges with magic erasers. These little white wonders work, well… wonders on walls, baseboards, and even some types of furniture. Gently rub away imperfections to reveal a spotless canvas beneath.

Extra tip: Test in an inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility with your surfaces.

Customer Review: There is nothing in the market that can come close to the efficiency of this product! I used strong smelling products and powder cleansers because they usually the ones that can clean with some elbow grease. But since my mr clean eraser encounter, I'll never go back to those asthma and wheezing inducing products! – Southshoremom

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Rustic Wooden Wall Shelves

Kitchen wall decorated with white tiles and two rustic wooden wall shelves

Decorate your wall space with the charm of rustic wooden wall shelves. They are perfect for displaying cherished mementos or organizing essentials and will bring a touch of warmth to any room. The natural wood grain adds character, making them a versatile and timeless decor piece that complements various styles, from farmhouse to modern chic.

Customer Review: I absolutely love my shelves. I got the dark walnut shelves with the J-Hook. Exactly what I was looking for and 100% matched the description. I will be buying more. – Tamara

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Smart WiFi Aromatherapy Diffuser

wooden colored tubalur aromatherapy diffuser

As you cleanse your home, enjoy the experience by adding some essential oils to the air with this Smart Wifi Aromatherapy Diffuser. Add a few drops to your cleaning solution or a diffuser to infuse each room with a delightful fragrance. Opt for scents like lavender for a calming atmosphere or citrus for a refreshing burst of energy. Not only will your home be clean, but it will also smell like a spa retreat.

Customer Review: Gifted my mother this and she absolutely loves all the scents it comes with. Made the box it came with smell good ! Definitely recommend. – Aslinn

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Velvet Throw Pillows

A white living room decorated with three velvet throw pillows

Add a burst of color and luxury to your living space with velvet throw pillows in your favorite tones. Opt for both light and dark colors because these plush accessories not only provide comfort but also serve as statement pieces. Mix and match to create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere that effortlessly transitions your home from the festive season to a cozy winter retreat.

Customer Review: Gorgeous pillow! I knew I needed it the minute I saw it. I’m in love! – Stef

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Clear Storage Bins

16 clear storage bins

The post-holiday cleanup is the perfect time to reorganize, so you will need to invest in clear storage bins to corral holiday decorations, winter gear, and other seasonal items. The transparency allows you to easily see what's inside, making retrieval a breeze when the holidays roll around again. Label each bin for added organization and you’ll be set to declutter in no time.

Customer Review: These superb quality storage boxes were perfect for reboxing my shoes. Gave me more storage space! Identifying my shoes in my dressing room became so much easier. - CJ Avery

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Geometric Patterned Rug

Beige geometric-patterned rug with a beige hat on it

You can transform your floor into a work of art with a simple geometric-patterned area rug. Bold yet versatile, these rugs add a contemporary flair to any room. We recommend you use neutral tones for a subtle touch or choose vibrant hues to make a statement. The geometric design enhances visual interest and creates a sense of order, tying the entire room together for a cohesive and stylish look.

Customer Review: I was more than a little leery until I received this rug, but it was exactly what I had ordered. Ease of use for the website was very easy to navigate. The rug itself was delivered in a timely manner. – katgehl

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Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner

Three spray bottles of Pledge with citrus scent

In a world where there’s a product for everything, you can streamline your cleaning routine with a versatile multi-surface cleaner like the famous Citrus Pledge which is suitable for everything from kitchen countertops to bathroom tiles. Whatever you choose, go for a cleaner with pH balance and antibacterial properties for added peace of mind. Spray, wipe, and revel in the satisfaction of a sparkling, germ-free home.

Customer Review: This cleaner gets grease off the stove and a lot of mess off our Corian counters with a minimum of effort and a fresh, clean smell. Also works well on glass and chrome. An excellent replacement for the old Pledge spray that's not made anymore. – SteinwayKitty

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Where to Find Budget-Friendly Decor Deals?

Now that your space is spick and span, it's time to revamp it on a budget (because we know your wallet could use a little break from all that holiday shopping). Check out thrift stores, online marketplaces like Etsy, and discount retailers for hidden gems. Keep an eye out for end-of-season sales, clearance items, and DIY-friendly decor that allows you to personalize your space without breaking the bank.

So, congrats, your home is now clean and stylish! As you revel in the newfound cleanliness and style of it, take a moment to appreciate the transformative journey you've embarked upon. Post-holiday house cleaning isn't just about tidying up; it's about creating a fresh canvas for the adventures that the new year holds. With these cleaning hacks and budget-friendly decor deals, you've set the stage for a year of comfort, style, and endless possibilities. Cheers to a clean and stylish start to the New Year!

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