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Easier Package Management Comes to Your Inbox

If you have ever needed to check items in your suite, split items from your package or just ask us to return an item you received, you’ve probably done so by emailing Customer Service a special request. Starting today, you can now request these services directly from your inbox with just a few clicks.

In our newest development, we’ve made many of our most popular requests available directly from your inbox once you sign in to your MyUS account. Just select the package that needs special treatment and select one of four available actions:

Return to Sender – Use this option if you wish to return a package or item to the merchant. Be sure to check the merchant’s return policy to find out if you qualify for a refund.

Check Package – Use this option if you have a question about an item in your suite. If you need to check the color or size of an item, for example, or just verify that the correct item is in your suite, you can use Check Package to ask a representative to personally verify any detail you request.

Split Package – If you need to remove an item from a package in your suite--maybe to ship it separately or return it to the sender, for example—you can do so using the Split Package feature. When you choose this option, just tell us which item or items to remove and we will set them aside for special treatment. If this is not selected, we will automatically consolidate your purchases into more efficient packaging so we can save you money on international shipping charges.

Discard – Use this option to remove a package or item from your suite without returning to the merchant.

In most cases, MyUS will complete the actions you request within two to three business days. If you have an urgent request and need to take action more quickly, you can mark the action “Urgent” for a fee of only US $5 and we will handle your request within one to two business days.


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