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Empowering African Women on National Women's Day Through Thoughtful Purchases

Every year on August 9, South Africa comes alive with the vibrant National Women's Day celebration. This public holiday holds a profound significance as it not only commemorates the remarkable courage and strength of women who fought against apartheid, but it also serves as a platform to draw attention to the challenges African women continue to face today.

This day is a powerful reminder of the progress made and the work still ahead in ensuring gender equality and women's rights. 

As we honor the spirit of African women, let's explore ways to support their cause through our shopping choices. Here are a few impactful products from US and UK brands that you, as MyUS members, can purchase to contribute to advancing African women's rights.

SheaMoisture African Black Soap, $35

6 black boxes of Shea Moisture’s African black soap for troubled skin with gold lettering

The renowned skincare brand, SheaMoisture, offers a range of products, including the famous African black soap. This soap is made from traditional African recipes and provides a natural solution for various skin issues like oily skin and acne. It supports the economic empowerment of women in Africa who produce raw ingredients. Choosing SheaMoisture's products contributes to fair trade practices that uplift African women and their communities. 

Customer Review: "I love this soap!!! I have been using it for years & years. This soap does wonders for my skin. It clears dry patches and provides a smooth, even tone." – S.H.S.

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Toms Women's Alpargata Loafers, $36

A pair of beige women’s TOMS loafers with camping motifs

Toms, a well-known shoe and accessory brand, has a special collection dedicated to women's empowerment. With every purchase from this collection, Toms supports organizations and initiatives that focus on education, health, and economic opportunities for women around the world.

By sporting a pair of Toms shoes, you're not only making a fashion statement but also backing a movement that amplifies the voices of African women. To support the cause, you can get a cute pair of loafers with camping motifs on this link. 

Customer Review: "Lightweight and comfortable. The sole is excellent for dancing, just the right amount of slipply. Very easy to look after, wash easily." – George Dickey

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The Body Shop Empowerment Lipstick, $25

The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid in the shade Windsor Rose

The Body Shop offers a range of lipsticks that go beyond just adding color to your lips. These lipsticks are created in collaboration with women from all walks of life, and a portion of the proceeds go towards funding education and skill development programs for women in disadvantaged communities. By wearing their lipstick, you wear the confidence of African women striving for a better future. We recommend a soft Windsor Rose shade for the summer days.

Customer Review: "Dream come true.. this should be the right of all the awesome divas out there." – T.D.

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Kate Spade “New York” Tote, $35

 Kate Spade New York lunch bag for women in Rainbow Plaid

Kate Spade's collection combines fashion and philanthropy. This collection partners with African female artisans to create unique handcrafted pieces, including stylish totes. The collaboration aims to provide these artisans with sustainable employment, skills, and income. Choosing a Kate tote means carrying the stories and aspirations of African women with you and supporting their growth.

Customer Review: "I bought two of these for my daughter’s teachers, which are absolutely adorable! They loved the gift! Great gift for those people that you don’t know enough to buy a personalized gift."  – Daniela

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Pukka Herbs Womankind Tea, $20

 A purple Pukka Herbs Womankind box with white and pink flowers on it and 20 tea sachets inside

Pukka Herbs offers a Women's Tea line created to support the well-being of women. This herbal tea blend includes ingredients that are known to promote hormonal balance and overall health. By opting for Pukka Herbs women's tea, you not only prioritize your own wellness but also contribute to Pukka's initiatives that support women-focused projects around the world.
A pack of 20 tea sachets can be yours in a minute.

Customer Review: "Pukka tea is a premium, organic line which I have always enjoyed. This Womankind Herbal blend is my go-to comfort tea and has helped me in balancing my hormones, especially around menstrual cycles. A must have!" – Hannen

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National Women's Day in South Africa is a poignant reminder of the continued push for gender equality. 

As we celebrate this day, let's extend our support by making conscious shopping choices that uplift African women. Each product we purchase can contribute to meaningful changes in the lives of women, their families, and their communities. By embracing brands and products that align with women's rights, we can be a part of the global movement toward a more equitable world.

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Let's celebrate African women and women everywhere by shopping consciously and impacting lives for the better.

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