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Exciting Dinner Sets Children Will Love

Are you tired of spills, leaks, and picky eaters during every meal? Put a stop to those problems with a child-friendly dinner set! They're easy to maintain, clean, and use for your children's breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Check out our favorite kids dinner sets from US stores below and ship worldwide with MyUS. Remember, MyUS members pay no US sales tax on their purchases from US websites!

Super Mario 5 Piece Mealtime Kitchen Set $17.99

A Super Mario 5 Piece Mealtime Kitchen Set in blue with Mario and Luigi plate, bowl, cup, fork, and spoon

Make dinnertime fun for your kids with this Super Mario Kitchen Set! All of these items have their favorite Super Mario characters such as Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi. Each bowl, plate, and utensil is safe, durable, and fun for mealtime. 

“Looked everywhere for Mario dishes - finally found just what I was looking for. Good quality and super cute. Big hit as a Christmas gift for my Mario loving nephew.” Kristen M says.

Frozen II Movie Dinnerware Set $28.99

A 5 piece Frozen II Dinnerware Set with Elsa and Anna on a plate, sippy bottle, fork and tspoon, and Kristoff and Sven on bowl

If you know a child who loves Frozen, then they’ll love this Frozen II Dinnerware Set! Kids will enjoy every meal with their favorite Frozen characters such as Anna, Elsa, and Olaf! It’s the ideal set for picky eaters and Frozen fans. Also, the included leak-proof water bottle can be used for school or vacations too!

“My granddaughter really likes this set. Uses it when she stays with me. Water bottle doesn’t leak. She is a big fan of Frozen, so this was a big hit with her!” Tam exclaims.

Re Play Dinnerware Set $15.99

A pink, purple, and green Re Play Dinnerware Set, with divided separate food sections and matching spoon and fork

Improve your family dinner experience with this Re Play Dinnerware Set! Comes with three matching plastic plates and silverware. Choose from the 22 unique color options for your child’s favorite colors.

“I had these plates and silverware for my two boys when they were toddlers, they were super sturdy, easy to clean, and they were perfect for holding any type of meal or snack. I bought these for my niece who is now two years old, they are holding up great as well! I am really enjoying the pink colors! when I have another child I will definitely be purchasing these again!” Samantha comments.

Lil’Bit Natural Bamboo Frog Dinner Set $10.34

Green Lil’Bit Natural Bamboo Frog Plate from the Dinner Set

Let your kids hop into the dining room with this Natural Bamboo Frog Dinner Set! This set comes with adorable frog art on the matching plate, bowl, cup, and silverware. Each piece is durable and lightweight  for easy food-serving and stress-free dining. 

“So cute! Nicely made” lolo27 states. 

Dino 4 Piece Dinner Plate Set $24.99

A Constructive Eating Dino 4 Piece Dinner Plate Set with section divided plate and fork, spoon, and pusher utensil

Dinosaur lovers will enjoy this Dino Dinner Plate Set from Constructive Eating. This set comes with utensils modeled after popular dinosaurs such as Triceratops, Ankylosaurus, and Stegosaurus! The plate has specified areas to help keep them occupied with pushing, forking, scooping, and playing with their food. As long as they eat all their veggies too!

“This plate set is so cute. I gave these as gifts to 2 different families and both of the boys loved it. I would highly recommend it for any kids that are into dinosaurs.” Mary says in her five-star review.

Bamboo Toddler 3 Piece Dinner Dish Set $11.99

An excavator themed Bamboo Toddler 3 Piece Dinner Dish Set in cardboard packaging

Kids who are obsessed with construction vehicles will have a great time with this excavator themed dinner dish set. Choose from five vehicle patterns, such as a ball machine, bulldozer, crane, and tank. Even better, the set is eco-friendly!

“Lovely realistic design and bamboo makes the plate lightweight and easy for toddler usage as well as shatterproof if thrown! Bright designs are nice to look at and perfect gifts or for just using with your own child. Would probably buy similar products in the future.” Paul Hampden says in his online review.

Justice League Toddler Feeding Set $29.99

Justice League Toddler Feeding Set with Wonder Woman and Batgirl sippy cups, divided plate, flat plate, and fork and spoon

Make your toddler feel super at the dinner table with this Justice League Feeding Set! It comes with 2 sippy cups, child-friendly utensils, a bowl, and a divided plate. The spill-proof plate, bowl, and cups will come to rescue at every meal! 

“Love this set. It is sturdy and well made, and dishwasher safe. Perfect for little hands and learning to use a cup, plate and fork! Plus the characters are fun and colorful. Who does not love Wonder Woman, right?! Makes meal time a fun and enjoyable one for the whole family. The plate can be put in the microwave if needed to reheat a meal, and hold the perfect "toddler size" amounts of food and drink” 1prettygirl2011 raves.

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