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17 Exercise Products to Help You Get Fit in 2017

The New Year typically comes with resolutions dedicated to making you better. This is the year you become the healthier, more fit person of your dreams. It could be easier than you think. Try setting aside 30 minutes a day and equip your home with exercise equipment.

To help you out, MyUS has compiled a list of 17 small, inexpensive items that will be soft on the wallet while you’re on the way to the hard body you want. Turn up your workout with these 17 items:

Female laying on green striped rug holding bar

Ancheer AB Trainer Abdominal Exercise Roller ($40)

Strengthen your core and abdominal muscles with the help of this portable and easy-to-use piece of fitness equipment. Buy it online at

Black and hot pink ab wheel

Ab Toning Wheel ($9.00)

If you don’t have the room to store an ab roller (like above), a toning wheel fills the void nicely. This little gym staple have been around for years and it can make a big difference in how you look and feel. Find the ab roller here.

Multi-colored loop bands with bag

Resistance Loop Bands (starting at $9.00)

A small and simple alternative to free weights is resistant bands! Tone and strengthen your muscles at the gym, at your home or in a hotel room. Resistance bands available at

Black 10 pound kettlebell with handle

Kettlebell ($19.00)

Kettlebells are all over the current fitness landscape because of their versatility. You can add any number of strengthening exercises to your routine with just one kettlebell. Find kettlebells here.

Man doing pushups holding handles

Power Press Push Up - Complete Push Up Training System ($52.00)

This push-up kit teaches you several different types of push-ups that focus on different muscle groups allowing you to maximize new workout results from one of the oldest exercises there is. Add this system to your workout now.

Blue Hand Grip strengthener

Fitness Master Hand Grip Strengthener ($8.00)

If you’re going to start a fitness regimen, strong hands are essential to successful workouts. Build up the strength in your fingers and hands with this device that you can adjust as you become stronger. Get your grip at

Mayoya gray ab mat with ying yang symbol

Ab Mat ($19.00)

Develop your own abdominal routine that has core support and cushioned comfort with an ab mat. This simple item makes your ab workout easier and more focused than any gym class sit ups. Find ab workout comfort here.

Black medicine ball with accessories

Mantra Sports Exercise Ball Bundle ($35.00)

Better balance and core strength can be yours with the help of this exercise ball bundle and daily dedication. It’s a popular workout because it’s easy on the joints and can be done in the privacy of your home. Available at

Clear water bottle with red and blue stripes with letters and black lid

Water Bottle (starting at $23.00)

The human body consists of up to 70% water and when you’re working out, it’s important to keep hydrated. Water helps muscles function properly and helps cushions joints so you can make  the most out of your workout. Keep a water bottle nearby to keep the water flowing. Only at

Fitbit Blaze ($200.00)

Monitor your workouts, heart rate, daily activities and nightly sleep from your wrist. And, if you’ve been stationary for a while, the Blaze will give you a friendly reminder that it’s time to move. When it's time to buy, find it here.

Wrist/Ankle Weights (starting at $20.00)

Turn up the intensity of your daily walks a notch with weights for your ankles and wrists. The added resistance helps tone and strengthen your muscles and increase your endurance. Buy these weights here.

Neon green under armour logo

Under Armour Gym Bag (starting at $25.00)

If you’re going to stock up on fitness equipment, you’re going to need a bag to tote all of it to the gym - and Under Armour makes a bag that matches your needs. All types of gym bags can be found at Under Armour.

RatMat Pro Yoga Mat ($30.00)

If yoga is an important part of your commitment to fitness, make sure you have a thick, comfortable mat for all your poses. It’s easier on the joints so you’ll feel better after each session. Find your RatMat at

Nike Training Shoes, Clothes and Gear

Dress for success doesn’t apply just in the business world. Now you can take that attitude to the gym with great looking clothes and gear and the right shoes for whatever workout you choose. It's all available at Nike.

No Equipment workouts book cover

100 No-Equipment Workouts ($14.00)

Don’t have the room for any exercise equipment? No problem. As long as you have the time and commitment to fitness, this book has 100 great workouts you can perform almost anywhere. Find this book at

Pink and yellow small dumbbells in holder

20-lb. Dumbbell Set ($25.00)

You can perform so many toning exercises with this 20-lb. dumbbell set that the low price makes it one of the cheapest “home gyms” available anywhere. This set can be found here.

Blue and red thigh master exerciser

Compact Thigh Master Exercise Equipment ($11.00)

This widely popular piece has been shaping and toning thighs for decades and now it's more affordable than ever - and its compact size makes it easy to take with you on trips. Available at

When you’re ready to start your workouts, let us know and we can expertly ship these items - and any other fitness equipment you desire - to your door quickly and affordable. In fact, you could start your workout with your new equipment in as little as two business days when you choose an express shipping method. 


The MyUS staff has made every effort to provide our customers accurate shopping information. However, some items, offers or quantities listed in the above blog are subject to change without notice. Also, stores may not accept all forms of international payment, may restrict purchases through the MyUS Personal Shopper program and may have shipping restrictions. We suggest that you visit a stores website for complete terms of sales, conditions or for more information.



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