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Fun Ramadan Activities for Kids

From creating to decorating and reading, here are some great activities to educate kids about Ramadan while building a sense of pride in their accomplishments during this sacred month. (Want to teach your child about this special holiday celebrated by more than 1.6 Billion people around the world? Check out our Beginner's Guide to Ramadan Infographic)

Make a Ramadan Bookmark for the Quran

If your family reads from the Quran, let your children save the place each day with a special bookmark they made themselves.

Create a Ramadan Advent Calendar

An advent calendar is a great way to get - and keep - children excited throughout the month. They'll look forward to "opening" each day and see what's in store. Fill each day on the calendar with dates, verses or sweets for the nights. Where to find it:

Read Ramadan Children's Books Together

There are plenty of great books for children that teach the importance of every aspect about the month-long observance. Read to your children before bedtime, or have them read it to you. It's a great way to initiate conversation about fasting, charity and selflessness. Some ideas:

Make Paper Lanterns

It's amazing what children can do with some colorful construction paper, markers, glitter, glue and a parent's guidance. It’s a creative project that will keep kids and their minds busy until iftar. 

Make a Charity Jar

This activity will keep the kids busy and teach them an important aspect of Ramadan at the same time. Decorate a clean sauce jar (or even a shoe box) with craft supplies. Then throughout the month, let them collect change from relatives or chores and place it in their jar. At the end of the month let them donate it their favorite charity or person in need.

Learn about the Moon Together

Kids love everything about space and the moon plays an important role in Ramadan. It's a win-win educational opportunity. The kids will love learning about the phases of the moon and what they symbolize during Ramadan. There are lots of kits like this that provide hands-on fun: Moon in My Room

Decorate the House

Nothing puts people in the mood for special occasions like decorating the house. Kids can craft the decorations themselves!

Memorize and Recite Duas

Have the children become active participants all month long via duas you teach them and they get to recite in front of family. Start them with easier, shorter verses and have them work toward longer ones by month's end. This is a great opportunity to discuss and break-down the meaning of each one.

Download Ramadan Apps or Educational Games

Kids (like adults) have a tendency to gravitate toward their phones and tablets. Take advantage of this by finding Ramadan appropriate apps and games that help teach the true meaning of the blessed event.


Happy Ramadan to all who celebrate! If you need decorations, craft supplies or anything else during the holy month, don't forget MyUS can get them to you in just a few days.


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