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Fun Ramadan Activities for Kids

Ramadan is a time for family and community. Get the kids involved with fun crafts and activities. The whole family can enjoy these suggestions, teach children more about the meaning of Ramadan, and make them feel included in the celebrations.

Make Paper Lanterns

3 colorful paper lanterns

Lanterns are an essential symbol during Ramadan. Children can create their own easily with paper. Follow this guide with free printable patterns, or use your paper and freehand your designs while following this video.

Read Books About Ramadan

There are plenty of books made for kids to learn about Ramadan. From chapter books to picture books, there is something for every age to enjoy while learning about history and traditions.

Learn About the Phases of the Moon

two pages of moon phase activity sheets

The moon signifies the beginning and end of Ramadan, starting with the new moon and going through one lunar cycle. Teach your kids about the different phases of the moon with a fun interactive activity like this one that lets them create the phases out of Oreos or help them make a fun wheel explaining the phases with this free template.  

Make Cards for Loved Ones

purple and blue greeting card with a white moon

Celebrate Ramadan by making gifts for loved ones. You can use plenty of different designs to make greeting cards, like this pop-up moon card or this lantern card. Even without templates or guides, cards are easy for kids to make with just some construction paper and markers. The simplest supplies can create cards that family and friends will cherish forever.

Create a Dua Jar

a colorful jar that says “DUA JAR”

Be inspired by this blog and create a Dua jar with your kids to teach them the importance of prayer and give them a set of go-to prayers throughout the month. The jar can be filled with slips of paper and decorated with any arts and crafts supplies. It’s sure to showcase your child’s creativity while teaching them more about their faith.  

Make a Charity Donation Box

a blue wooden box with a moon and star and hands putting money into it

While children aren’t required to pay Zakat, they can still learn about the meaning of the tradition and experience giving to charity. They can make boxes to save money for the month and then donate to a charity. These donation boxes can be created from everyday household items like tissue boxes or you can buy materials to make boxes like this wooden one. Find a list of charities they can donate to here.

Have Fun with Your Kids This Ramadan

Enjoy a Ramadan full of exciting activities with your children. Get everything you need for these activities and more with MyUS. Ramadan Mubarak!

Get Ramadan Ready

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