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Get the Best of the 80s Shipped to Your Door

We're taking you back to the 1980s to show you where you can find your favorite decade's toys, tech and fashion. 

As a MyUS member, you can shop American websites and get those memories delivered internationally to your door (even if the store says they can't directly ship to your country). 

Nintendo NES and Super Mario Bros. (Starting at $142)

This ultra-popular Nintendo gaming system introduced the world to the Super Mario Brothers and they've been keeping us entertained ever since. Pick up an original console with the first 3 SMB games today. Princess Peach is counting on you. Buy it here on

Playskool Gloworm ($16.99)

If you were a baby or kid in the 80s in America, chances are you had a Gloworm somewhere in your crib or playpen. This cute toy that lit-up when squeezed has been updated to add a lullaby to the miniature light show. Kids will love it. Buy it online at

Atari Game Console (Starting at $79.00)

So much nostalgia at such a low price. The Atari 2600 has been re-envisioned for a whole new generation. The game is pre-loaded with 100 of Atari's most-popular games so there won't be game cartridges laying all over the house. What else could you ask for? Buy it on

Funshine CareBear ($17.99)

This cute and cuddly plush toy captured the heart of kids everywhere. This teddy bear brightens a child's day and there's a bear for a child. Find the rest of the Care Bears here at

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ($17.88)

Leaping off the pages of comic books and into the imagination of kids, the original "Heroes in the Half Shell" offer so many playtime options. This set of the four crime-fighting brothers is the perfect place to start. Oh, and don't forget a movie for rainy days! Buy it on

Disposable Cameras (Starting at $3.60 each)

Perfect for any party, holiday or wedding, disposable cameras turn every guest into a photographer capturing moments from every angle. Buy a bunch and leave them around the event and you'll have the most spontaneous and surprising photo album ever. Find them on Amazon.

Buttons and Patches (Starting at $1.99)

Watch any 80s teen movie and all of them had one thing in common, kids in jackets covered in buttons and sew-on patches. Hot Topic still offers a great selection of buttons. Make your own jean jacket and buy pins and patches online at

My Little Pony (Starting at $4.98)

These popular ponies were very popular for young girls in the 80s. Hasbro has updated their look and story for today's kids. So now when your daughter asks you for a pony for her birthday, you can actually get her one! Buy it on Toys R Us.

Transformers (Starting at $2.98)

Thirty-plus years of cartoons, toys and blockbuster movies prove the popularity of these "robots in disguise". Stock up on everybody's favorite Autobots and Decepticons that transform into cars, planes, trucks and even dinosaurs. Find them on the Toys R Us website.

The Clapper - Turn Lights On & Off with a Clap ($10.88)

Sure there's better technology in the smart-houses of today, but oh, those commercials make the Clapper fun nostalgia to have. It’s simple technology that works just fine and makes it possible to clap lights on or off in any room. Get it online at

Sony Walkman (Starting at $39.99)

Sony changed the way we listened to our favorite music in the 80s and they're still reinventing their classic Walkman line with today's technology. No matter which version you choose, your music will always be as mobile as you are. Buy it on

Cabbage Patch Kids (Starting at $19.99)

One of the biggest toys crazes of the 80s is still going strong. The only difference is now these adorable dolls are much easier to find, thanks to the internet and MyUS. "Adopt" one today at

As you can see, the 80s is still very much alive and well - and available at your favorite American websites. Pick up some of these classic items and MyUS can deliver them to your home in as little as 2 days.

*MyUS has made every effort to provide the best and most accurate shopping selections for our members. Nevertheless, some of the stores listed may restrict purchases, may not accept all forms of payment, or may restrict purchases to certain countries. Please check each store's website for their complete terms of sale, shipping guidelines or terms and conditions for more information.


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