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14 Great Gifts for Pets (and Pet Lovers)

Our beloved pets deserve to get in on the holiday fun, too! Whether you want to spoil your own best friend or you’re shopping for a fellow pet lover, these toys and pet essentials are sure to bring delight. The best pet gifts from the USA are just a click away for all MyUS members.

14. KONG Classic Dog Toy $25

This product is a staple in many dog households. It is more than just a toy - it helps support dental health by cleaning teeth and gums as dogs chew on it. It also has a hollow center for food and can be used as a treat dispenser (peanut butter is favorite) to keep your dog entertained for hours. Buy a Kong online here.

13. Orthopedic Peaceful Nester Dog Bed $54

Treat your older dog to a nap on a bed that eases his arthritis or joint pain, or just pamper a puppy with a comfy bed. This nester bed is perfect for dogs of any age. Buy it here.

12. Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountain $36

You’ve probably seen the YouTube videos of cats drinking from odd places, just about anywhere but their bowl. Maybe they just like running water better. This drinking fountain runs clean water so they can have  drink whenever they want it. Find it here.

11. Grey Shark Bed $14

Cats like small places to sleep - from the laundry basket to under the bed to inside a box. This bed is perfect for snuggling up your cat while keeping things super stylish and fun. Really, what cat wouldn’t want to sleep inside a shark? Buy it on

10. PetSafe 5-Meal Pet Feeder $50

This automatic feeder works great for dogs or cats and is perfect for those days when you have to work late. The timer allows it to deliver meals at exact times! Buy it online here.

9. KONG Cozie Spunky Monkey Dog Toy $7

This toy provides laughs for you and a welcome reprieve for your shoes, table, legs and other things dogs without toys like to chew on. Buy it here.

8. Whisker City Feather Teaser Cat Toy $10

Cats are natural hunters. This is the perfect toy to help influence their natural instinct while spending some quality time with your BFF. Shop here.

7. Leaps and Bounds Crinkle Cat Tunnel $20

Cats like to run back and forth. A lot. Add a new twist to their daily exercise ritual that makes it fun for everyone. Buy it online here.

6. Thermal Self-Heated Bed for Cat $24 

Cats love the warmest spot in the house, and this will make the place you want them to sleep the warmest spot they can find. It uses the cat’s natural body heat to keep them warm while they snooze through another day. Find it on Amazon.

5. Top Paw Reflective Dog Life Jacket $18

If you’re dog loves boating or swimming with you, keep the pooch safe with a life vest, and its reflective too! Shop here.

4. Top Paw Plaid Bow Tie Collar $5

Dress your dog up in the only thing he won’t try to rip off, a bow tie. PetSmart has plenty to choose from, but this is one of our favorites. Find it here.

3. 4-Step Stone Suede Pet Stairs $85

Give your smaller or older pal some love and make climbing into bed easier than ever. Buy it here.

2. Funny Furry Mice Mouse Toys $7

Keep playtime simple with some fake mice your cat can toss around. Shop here.

1. Chuckit! Tennis Balls $5

When all else fails-give ‘em a tennis ball. No dog is immune to the lure of a durable tennis ball! Find them here.


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