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Holiday Sales Coming Soon in the USA: Black Friday and More

This is every dedicated shopper’s favorite time of year! It’s time for the USA holiday sales season! All your favorite stores, all your favorite brands and all your must-have items are almost always discounted in some way, shape or form. Whether it’s free domestic shipping to your new US mailing address or a great Black Friday or Cyber Monday super discount, you’re bound to save this season - no matter what currency you're using. So when does this buying frenzy begin?

This year Black Friday falls on November 25. This is the day that you’ll find some stores opening their doors at 12 a.m. and lines around the block just waiting to get in. Cyber Monday falls on November 28 this year. It has become internationally known given that all shopping is done online through internet retailers. Prices are so low that often times retailers quickly run out of the advertised items before lunchtime.

So, what makes these USA shopping sales so special? Exactly how good can these prices be, you ask? Well, let me tell you, they are good! You can find some items up to 80% off. Want to know where to find the top sales at the top USA stores? Here are some tips to get the most out of this shopping season:
1. Scope out your favorite stores. Sign up for their e-newsletters, follow them on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook. You’ll want immediate access to these sales before your favorite item sells out.

2. Subscribe to the websites that matter. Obviously, the Facebook and Twitter pages will be bringing you the latest news, but sign up for updates from, and too.

3. Stay vigilant. Shop from reputable stores that you know and our preferred merchants of This busy time of year is also a busy time of year for scams as well. Utilize our Facebook page if you need assistance and we’ll try to help as best we can if you find a store you are unsure of.

4. Check out the shipping to your country. You’ll want to stay on top of when your items need to arrive in our warehouse to ensure a safe delivery by the date that you need it. Many sites will promise to deliver by a certain date however you must account for your processing time at MyUS and the 3-4 days to ship to your country.
We hope you enjoy shopping the great sales this holiday season!


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