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Homemade Holiday Gifts Ideas for Crafting Joy

Now that it’s November, the holiday season is closer than you might think, so it’s best to start gift prepping sooner rather than later and save yourself the headache. And what better way to spread cheer than by gifting homemade holiday presents to your loved ones? Homemade and DIY gifts are not only thoughtful but also show that you've put your heart and creativity into the perfect present.

In this guide, we'll try to inspire you with five wonderful homemade holiday gift ideas. And the best part? We've made it easy for you to shop for supplies through MyUS, ensuring you have everything you need at your doorstep.

Candle Making Kit

DIY candle making kit for beginners

Scented candles add warmth and ambiance to any home. With a candle-making kit, you can create customized candles in various scents and colors. These make perfect gifts, allowing you to personalize each for your recipients' preferences. And if your recipient is a candle maker, even better – gift them the whole set!

Customer Review: My daughter and granddaughter made these candles. We had wax and scents left over. It was fun and easy to do. Directions are a little vague but easy to figure out. Was worth the price. – Kathy L.

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Scrapbooking Supplies

36-piece vintage scrapbook

A personalized photo album is a wonderful way to preserve cherished memories. This is often a very affordable but priceless gift option for those close to your heart. To create an everlasting piece, you can easily order a photo album and some scrapbooking supplies, including beautiful paper, stickers, and embellishments. This DIY gift will show your loved ones how much you value your shared moments.

Customer Review: I just started junk journaling and this kit came and had so much to offer! The price was great for the amount of supplies that came with it! I’m very pleased to get started. – Korri Johnston.

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Yarn and Crochet Kit

Colorful 113 piece crochet with yarn set

Winter is the perfect time to snuggle under a cozy, handmade blanket, especially if made with love. If you’re into crafts, grab a yarn and crochet kit, and you can create a warm and inviting gift for those you care about. Choose colors that match your recipient's home decor to make it truly special.

Customer Review: This comes with EVERYTHING you need to start your journey of crocheting! You get a great selection of hooks, sewing needles, a variety of colored markers, and LOTS of yarn! the only thing is I wish the bag was bigger because after I took everything out, it was hard to put it all back and seal it. – Lego

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Art Supplies 

150 pack deluxe wooden art set

Hand-painted ornaments are beautiful and sentimental, and with the right art supplies, you can create unique stuff to celebrate your loved one's personality and interests. Wanna paint a vase? No problem. Create an eclectic piece for their living room. We’ve got you! You can create a gift that will adorn their home for years.

Customer Review: I purchased this for my bestie’s daughter who is a little artist. She was blown away from how nice the set was and was very excited to use it. Great gift for the young artist. – Shawna.

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Homemade Recipe Book 

pearl white recipe notebook

Craft your culinary legacy with the JUBTIC Recipe book. With its elegant spiral hardcover and glistening gold foil stickers, this blank recipe book allows you to curate your family's unique cookbook, holding up to 120 cherished recipes. Preserve your culinary traditions and create a treasured heirloom with this delightful recipe notebook. 

Customer Review: This book has gone to number one on my list of recipe books to put my own recipes in. I dedicate books to certain things, i.e., Instant Pot recipes. It is laid out with plenty of room for ingredients and the directions! I am going to order more of these! - Karen L. McNiel. 

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Homemade Christmas gifts bring a special touch to your holiday celebrations, so you better get creative and make your loved ones feel appreciated. And with us, you can easily find the supplies you need to create these wonderful gifts. This holiday season spread joy with DIY Christmas gifts that show your love for your friends and family. Start crafting today!

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