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Hot Holiday Electronics and Gadgets

If you’re shopping US stores for this holiday season’s hottest electronics and gadgets, here are a few of this year’s best sellers and links to where you can find them (be sure to allow plenty of time for customs clearance and international shipping!):
·         Nintendo Wii U ($345): Possibly the season’s hottest video game system, the Wii U creates a second window into the video game world. With the Wii U, you can play your favorite Wii videos games on the TV, on the 16:9 touch screen controller, or both
·         Bose QC-15 Headphones ($299): With active noise cancellation, these stylish headphones let you enjoy your favorite music without unwanted noise. The limited edition model features a blue housing instead of the usual silver.
·         Canon PowerShop A2300 ($79): Perfect for carrying around and capturing memories as they happen, this point-and-shoot 16-megapixel digital camera includes advanced features like image stabilization and a 28mm wide-angle lens. It even shoots high definition video!
·         Canon Rebel T4i ($799): Serious photographers, both professional and amateur, should have a single lens reflex (SLR) camera like the Canon Rebel. This professional-grade SLR camera includes a starter lens and captures photos at up to 18 megapixels.
·         Microsoft Surface ($700): With Windows 8 and a detachable keyboard, Microsoft’s Surface is the newest, sleekest tablet computer on the market.
·         iPod Touch ($190): At just 7.2mm, the current iPod Touch is the thinnest one yet! Play your favorite music and games on the newest, thinnest iPod Touch. With a retina display and iOS operating system, the music player also doubles as a tiny tablet computer.
·         Samsung 11.6-inch Chromebook ($249): This innovative computer stores all of your files in the cloud, so you never have to worry about losing your data.
·         Harmony Touch Universal Remote ($221): You can use this sleek touchscreen remote to control all of your electronics with style. Even better, you can update the Harmony from your computer, so it never goes out of date.
·         Kindle Fire ($159): With a touchscreen interface, built-in web browser, support for social networks, instant video and sleek styling, the Kindle Fire takes the popular e-reader to a whole new level.
·         Televisions (price varies): Everyone is glad to get a new TV as a gift, and this year’s selection is bigger and less expensive than ever. No matter your budget, you can find great deals on any size television. 
What gadget do you have on your holiday list this year? Use the comments below to let us know, and maybe we can help you find it!  


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