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How Merchant Invoices Save You Time

The invoices that merchants include in their packages can save you time and help you get your package faster. But how? Read on to find out why they’re important and what to do if the seller doesn’t include one in your package.

Why Merchant Invoices Matter

Merchant invoices are important because MyUS needs to know the purchase price for your items and the name and address of the seller when sending you your package. This allows us to comply with US export regulations and ensure that we have all the information we need before sending packages overseas.  

How MyUS Uses Merchant Invoices

When a merchant invoice is included in your package, the shipping process is easier. We can use the invoice to input the price and seller information without you needing to enter any extra information. If we don’t need to wait for more information from you, we can ship your package faster.

What If a Merchant Doesn’t Include an Invoice?

Unfortunately, if your package doesn’t include a merchant invoice, we can’t ship it to you until we have the information that would be included on the invoice. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean your package can’t be shipped. You can send us the info by sending us your payment receipt.  

If you’re worried that the seller might not include an invoice, you can always ask them to. Most large retailers automatically include them in their shipments, and some ask if you’d like a receipt during checkout. Make sure you look out for this option to ensure that you select it. If you’re buying from a small business or a seller from a website like Etsy or eBay, just message them directly on the site to ask for a copy or add the request in any special instructions field when you’re making your purchase.

Electronic Copies of Invoices

When packages include merchant invoices, we input the information and scan the invoice so you can have an electronic copy sent directly to your inbox free of charge. With this information you can see an itemized list of your items before your package even arrives.

Merchant Invoices Make Everything Easier

Make sure merchant invoices are included in your package to make your day easier and take advantage of our fast shipping. If we have this information as soon as we receive your package, you can receive your items in as little as two business days! If you’re not a member yet, join today to save on international shipping and shop at your favorite US & UK stores from anywhere in the world.


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