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How Merchant Invoices Save You Time

Did you know that the invoices merchants include with your packages can actually save you time? Even better, did you know that you can see these invoices in your Inbox for FREE? 
When a package arrives with a merchant invoice that includes the price you paid for items in the package, will use the invoice to enter these prices for you. Because all items must have a price entered, letting do the work saves you time and can make your packages available for shipping right away. 
Even better, will scan your merchant invoice, enter the prices for you, and make an electronic copy of the invoice available in your Inbox for FREE.
How to Request a Merchant Invoice
Many merchants automatically include a merchant invoice with your package. Some merchants allow you to request an invoice or receipt during the checkout process; if the merchant’s checkout process includes an option for “Include Receipt,” be sure to select this option to ensure the merchant includes an invoice. When buying from an individual seller, including individuals selling in eBay, simply ask the seller to include an invoice or payment receipt with your items. 
If you have questions about merchant invoices, Customer Service can help. You can reach our top-rated Customer Service department seven days per week via email, or just click the “Live Chat” link at the top of the page. 


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