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MyUS Tips: How to Shop at USA Stores with Address Restrictions

For those that are new to or have only used your address to shop from select stores, you may not have encountered any retailers with restrictions on where they ship or to whom they will ship to.

You may find a few USA stores that require you to use a USA-issued credit card in order to purchase or require a USA shipping AND billing address in order to purchase. There are ways around these issues. Don't despair there are a few ways to work around these issues. Here are a few tips to try:

1. Add your address to your international credit card as an alternate address. This will allow you to use your address as both your shipping and billing address. For those retailers that do not offer international countries as options for billing addresses, this tip should work for you.
2. Purchase American Express gift cards using your address so that you are able to avoid having to enter a USA billing address. Most USA retailers accept the American Express card.  However ensure your selected retailer does before purchasing your gift cards.
3. Utilize our MyUS Shopping extension to help you buy products faster with one cart checkout. Pay no US sales tax and save 7-9%. is committed to making sure your USA shopping experience is an easy and enjoyable process by providing services such as these.

Which stores are you hoping to use these tips with?


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