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How to Shop eBay Like A Pro

The popular auction website eBay has become something of a sensation. Founded in 1995, it is an online community of people in over 30 countries buying and selling things online in a bidding process. There have been several protective features added over the years like PayPal to ensure a safe payment process for purchasers. By using, you’re also ensured safe international shipping too!

So, how do you use it? Ebay has millions of items listed on its site for purchase including collectibles, décor, appliances, computers, furnishings, equipment, domain names, vehicles, jewelry, apparel, shoes and more. Basically if there is something you want, there is a very good chance you’ll find it on eBay. You can also find your item new or used in a range of prices. However, there are a few safeguards that you will want to utilize to make sure you get the item you paid for.

After you open your account with eBay, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the various tools offered. The three most important are: User Feedback, Security Center and Bidding Histories. User Feedback is listed next to a Seller’s information. This allows previous buyers to comment on their buying experience with this seller. Comments can range from “great service and quick response time” to “products were of poor quality” and more. They will also have a Ranking listed based on the comments received. It will either state a Positive ranking or Negative ranking. Be advised, the buyer may also comment on you as a seller to say whether you were a “prompt payer” or “problematic buyer.”

The Security Center is a service that allows eBay to monitor its users. They record the user’s IP address to determine whether users are using multiple names in order to manipulate auction prices. Its purpose is to make sure everyone is playing by the rules. The Bidding History shows which auctions a bidder has bid so that everything is public knowledge.

Now that you know how to protect yourself, it’s time to shop the US eBay! Simply decide what you want by typing it into the search field. Find the best match and price for your needs. Do a little research on the seller and what other people are selling the item for. If there’s a brand-name watch that you like that normally sells in stores for $500 and someone is selling it “brand-new” for only $50, you will want to use your security checkpoints above since this offer may be too good to be true.

After you have the item you want at the price you want, it’s time to Bid. Put in the maximum amount you will pay for an item and wait to hear if you won it. Check back often to see how the auction is going. You’ll be notified if someone outbids you so you’ll know where you stand. Otherwise, some sellers offer a “Buy it Now” features which allows you to do just that at the price currently listed.

To make things even easier, download the MyUS Shopping extension to shop eBay faster. Collect all your items in the MyUS cart and checkout only once! All of your international shipping costs will be UPFRONT in your total costs.

Good luck on your bidding!


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