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Indonesia's Top Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers of 2018

Love keeping up with the latest on fashion, beauty, and fitness? Check out Indonesia's most influential bloggers that are making waves across social media with their tutorials, reviews, and tips.    

Don’t live in Indonesia? Whether you live in Asia or on the other side of the world, you don’t want to miss these influencers, we promise!

Andra Alodita

Influencer Andra Alodita leaning on ledge wearing blue shirt in front of famous building

Andra Alodita is the founder of, a beauty and lifestyle blog started in 2008 and based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since 2014 it's been her main project, featuring articles, tips, and reviews on beauty, wellness, and food, and absolutely stunning images of her worldly travels.   

Follow her on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram - and be sure to check out her blog.

Nanda Arsyinta

Influencer Nanda Arsyinta wearing teal plaid pants in front of historic building

Nanda Arsyinta is a popular vlogger that has quickly become one of the top beauty influencers in Indonesia. Check out her YouTube channel for tutorials and tips on everything from how to wear a hijab and simple makeup tutorials to Q&A's and fun challenges.

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Abel Cantika

Influencer Abel Cantika holding up a bag with poms poms and a cream container

Abel is a makeup enthusiast with a passion for helping women achieve the latest looks through her makeup tutorials and fashion fixes on YouTube and Instagram.   

Follow her on Instagram and don't miss her beauty vlogs on YouTube

Sarah Ayu

Influencer Sarah Ayu portrait shot

Sarah Ayu delivers makeup tutorials, beauty tips, and reviews on new products from drugstore favorites like L'Oreal, Maybelline, Nivea, and more, making her looks feel within reach for us common folk.

Subscribe to her YouTube channel, and follow her on Instagram.

Olivia Lazuardy

Influencer Olivia Lazuardy holding giant pretzel balloon wearing black skirt and white boots

One of the leading digital influencers in Indonesia, Olivia has been sharing her fashion inspirations, fashion tips and tricks, travel journal, and personal styles on her blog since 2013. Her dream is to empower and inspire everyone who visits her social media channels to find their inner confidence and express their personalities through fashion.

Follow her on Instagram and YouTube, and check out her blog

Nabila Tarmuzi

Influencer Nabila Tarmuzi wearing tan hijab and dress with cartoon bunnies on grass

Digital influencer, illustrator, and vlogger Nabila has earned a strong following on her social media accounts for her stylish hijab and outfit pairings. 

Check her out her popular YouTube and Instagram accounts. 

Diana Rikasari

Influencer Diana Rikasari wearing plaid and floral dress with chunky yellow shoes and parrot headress

Arguably one of the top influencers from Indonesia, Diana Rikasari is an award-winning blogger, entrepreneur, and author with a passion for fashion. Active in the blogosphere since 2007, Diana has won several blog awards, has become public speaker in various seminars and workshops, as well as a sought-after brand ambassador.

Check out her blog, and follow her on YouTube and Instagram.


Influencer Sasyachi leaning against wall holding beauty bottle

Looking for a new style for your hair, or tips on the latest trends? Do yourself a favor and check out Sasyachi, an Indonesian power beauty blogger that shares tips about Korean makeup along with her favorite products and beauty secrets.  

Subscribe to her YouTube channel, follow her on Instagram and Facebook, and don't miss her blog.

Miharu Julie

Influencer Miharu Julie sitting in bed of flowers with mountain behind her

A lover of Korean cosmetics and Japanese fashion, Miharu Julie is an Indonesian blogger that enjoys sharing her passion for beauty, style, and travel on her blog and social media sites. 

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to her blog here.


Influencer Felicia wearing floral top taking selfie with hair in ponytail

Felicia is a podcaster, full-time journalist, digital advertiser, and very successful blogger. On her website, which she started with her sister in 2016, she writes with love about beauty, lifestyle, her travels, and her personal thoughts.    

Check out her informative blog, and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Ririe Prameswari

Influencer Ririe Prameswari looking at colorful makeup palette

Born and raised in Jakarta, Nuria Prameswari, better known as Ririe, is a beauty blogger and vlogger that likes to share beauty hacks and fashion tips for everyday women, along with daily musings about her daily life.

Keep up with her on Facebook and subscribe to her YouTube channel and blog.

Evita Nuh

Influencer Evita Nuh wearing striped baggy pants and yellow sweatshirt with frowny face

Evita Nuh has an impeccable sense of style that's uniquely hers, and an uncanny ability to turn simple pieces into unforgettable looks. Along with holding the title of creative director or EN.PENS and writing a column for GoGirl! magazine, she's also the author of the popular blog, The Creme de la crop.

Follow her now on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to her blog.


Influencer Rissa wearing black hijab and colorful eye makeup

A lifestyle journalist with a love for lipstick, Rissa started in 2014. Along with offering a variety of digital-based services such as lip-modeling and marketing, LippieLust is the perfect destination for anyone that loves everything about great lipstick, including product testing, reviews, and how-tos.

Follow her on Instagram and subscribe to LippieLust here.

Sara Robert

Influencer Sara Robert wearing long gray blazer and trousers in alleyway

A real beauty enthusiast, Sara Robert makes beauty and makeup related videos on her YouTube channel, covering a wide range of topics, such as romantic eye how-tos, self-tanning routines, and Zendaya inspired makeup tutorials. 

Follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Stefany Visa

Influencer Stefany Visa wearing black straw hat and holding up pink lipstick

Stefany Visa is an incredibly popular influencer in Indonesia. Her YouTube channel is packed with beauty tutorials and product reviews, along with fun "What's in my Bag?" videos.  

Follow her on Instagram, and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Titan Tyra

Influencer Titan Tyra wearing pink party dress sitting next to food on a table

Titan is a 22-year-old Chinese-Indonesian that uses her Youtube channel to express herself and show her creative side with a variety of lifestyle videos covering subjects that include makeup and beauty, funny skits, challenges, and travel diaries.

Subscribe to her YouTube channel, and follow her on Instagram.

Who are your favorite Indonesian bloggers? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook who should be added to the list.


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