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Labor Day Sales This Weekend in the US

Labor Day weekend is just around the corner, and you know what that means – fabulous sales and deals from your favorite retailers! Whether you want to upgrade your electronics, refresh your wardrobe, or spruce up your home, this year's Labor Day sales have covered you. And if you're a MyUS member, you have an extra advantage to make the most of these deals. Here's a roundup of the best 2023 Labor Day sales and how MyUS members can leverage their MyUS addresses to unlock unbeatable savings.

Electronics and Gadgets


Amazon's Labor Day sale is a tech lover's dream, from smartphones to smart home devices. MyUS members can ship their purchases to their US addresses and consolidate packages for maximum savings on international shipping. 

Best Buy:

Looking for the latest laptops, TVs, or gaming consoles? Best Buy's Labor Day event has it all. Shop online, have your items delivered to your MyUS address, and bundle packages to save on shipping.

Learn how to use MyUS to shop and ship from Best Buy and Amazon!

Fashion and Beauty


Update your wardrobe with Macy's Labor Day fashion deals. Score big on clothing, shoes, and accessories. Use your MyUS address to shop tax-free and ship items globally.


Beauty enthusiasts, rejoice! Sephora's Labor Day sale offers skincare, makeup, and fragrances at unbeatable prices. Ship your beauty haul to your MyUS address and save on international shipping costs. Learn more on how to use MyUS to shop and ship from Sephora here.

Home and Furniture


Give your home a makeover with Wayfair's Labor Day furniture and decor discounts. MyUS members can enjoy the convenience of shopping from the US and having their new items forwarded to their international addresses.

Home Depot:

Whether you're tackling DIY projects or home improvement, Home Depot's Labor Day sale is a must-visit. Utilize your MyUS address for seamless delivery to your doorstep.

Clothing and Accessories


Stay active and stylish with Nike's Labor Day athletic wear deals. Ship your sportswear finds to your MyUS address and take advantage of discounted international shipping rates.


From designer fashion to trendy accessories, Nordstrom's Labor Day sale has something for everyone. Shop with your MyUS address to consolidate packages and reduce shipping costs.

How MyUS Members Can Maximize Savings

Consolidation: MyUS allows members to consolidate multiple packages into a single shipment. Take advantage of this feature to reduce international shipping fees.

Tax-Free Shopping: With a MyUS address, you can shop tax-free from US retailers. This can lead to significant savings, especially on higher-priced items.

Package Inspection: MyUS offers package inspection services to ensure your items are in proper condition before shipping internationally. This adds an extra layer of protection to your purchases.

Premium Memberships: Consider upgrading to a premium MyUS membership for additional perks like discounted shipping rates, package consolidation discounts, and faster processing times.

Flexible Shipping Options: MyUS offers various shipping carriers and delivery options to suit your preferences. Choose the option that best fits your needs and budget.

Labor Day weekend is a golden opportunity to snag fantastic deals on a wide range of products. If you're a MyUS member, you're equipped with the tools to maximize these savings. So, make your shopping list, browse through the Labor Day sales, and let your MyUS address help you save big on your international purchases. Happy shopping!


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