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Let Your Pet Join in on the Halloween Fun

Our favorite holidays and fun times with family and friends are just around the corner, so it’s best to enter the season prepared.

Pets are family, and as such, they deserve to be treated equally and participate in all activities with the rest of our loved ones. And with colder days ahead, your pets can feel warm and look cute and festive with our pet costumes suggestions.

Have some fun with pet costumes, and ship your favorites with MyUS international shipping to over 220 countries! And if you can't decide on just one—who can?—shop from multiple stores and use our consolidation option to save on shipping!

Chucky Doll Dog and Cat Costume $34.99

Deadly Chucky Doll Cat and Dog Costume with Wig and Knife on a bulldog

It’s highly likely that you’ve seen this adorable TikTok/Instagram Reel of a cute doggie running around in a Chucky costume—and you might have wondered where to get one like that for your pet. MyUS has the answer! The Chucky Doll Dog and Cat Costume is a long-time buyers’ favorite and you can get it for your pet now to add a little horror to your holidays.

“Great costume all around! My lil guy looks perfect in it!” claims Michelle Sanny.

Incredibles Pet Costume $25

Incredibles Costume for Dogs with Eye Mask on a white dog

In a way, pets are superheroes—they can sense shifts in our energy and they always help us feel better after a tough day. So why not give your pet the proper Incredibles Pet Costume to go with its personality? We guarantee that it will be the center of attention at every costume party.

A buyer was very satisfied with their purchase, saying: “My Pekingese wore this costume on Halloween. Not only was he strutting around showing off how cool he is but he also seemed comfortable which was my highest priority. Great product!”

Bumblebee Pet Costume $19.99

Frisco Bumblebee Pet Costume on a brown dog and white cat

Give your pet the ultimate makeover by turning it into another animal. Bumblebee costumes can look cute on anyone, and pets are not the exception. The Bumblebee Pet Costume will look great on your cat. It is easy to put on (because we know how cats can get) and stays secure after that. You can take some great, memorable photos of your pet in this one!

Buyer BigEdie posted an adorable photo of their cat in the reviews section and wrote: “My cat looks so cute in her costume! It’s comfy and easy to get on and off. My cat is pretty low maintenance so that didn’t hurt but I’d imagine it’s great for finicky cats as well.”

Sherlock Holmes Pet Costume $33.82+

Pet rabbit wearing a Sherlock Holmes Deerstalker and Cape Pet Costume

The truth is, any costume can be put on any house pet if the size is right. For those who have pet bunnies, we love the idea of dressing them in Sherlock Holmes’ Deerstalker and Cape. It’s perfect for helping them solve their case of the missing carrots. This costume is fully lined and topstitched, offering premium quality for the price.

“Exactly as shown in the photo and well worth it. Great quality and also very entertaining to see our little bun running around in it.” says Allie G.

Bat-Cat Costume $8.99

Black cat with velcro bat wings and pumpkin bells

This is almost a must for the owners of black cats because the Bat Wings with Pumpkin Bells Cat Costume will turn your cat into the coolest party attendee. The costume is made of thick felt cloth, so it will be hard for your cat to tear it up even if it tries hard. All in all, a perfect and affordable costume for parties and photographs.

Jamie S purchased this and said: “Super cute bat wings! Nice, sturdy, thick felt! The velcro holds well. The little pumpkin bells are adorable! I can't say my cat was as thrilled as I was with it, lol. I ordered a size small for my 13 lb cat.”

Designer Birdie Tee $30

Pet bird wearing a gray designer personalized bird t-shirt with the text “Eat. Play. Poop.” in purple glitter

Birds know how to be the life of the party with their song, loudness, dancing, and overall silliness, so they deserve a little t-shirt that describes their existence perfectly. Get your birdie a Personalized Designer Bird T-Shirt with one of the six available phrases on it. They fasten under the wings with Velcro, so there’s no need to go over your pet’s head.

Nicole Lundsten gave it 5 stars and said: “This was super cute! Unfortunately, I have a chewer so he shredded it within 24 hrs haha. It was cute while it lasted.”

Bootique Born to Unicorn Guinea Pig Costume $8.99

Bootique Born to Unicorn Guinea Pig Costume

Guinea pigs are adorable as it is, but this unique Born to Unicorn Guinea Pig Costume will enhance that adorableness even more. It has hook-and-loop closure to make it easier for you (and your pet) to put on your furry friend. Another plus side is that it’s very affordable, so you can buy in bulk.

“This is so cute! This fits our female pigs, but would also fit a kitten or small puppy (like a baby chihuahua). It definitely requires supervision and should only be worn for a few photos, but what a fun way to include everyone in the festivities!” reviewed cae2g recently.

Spider Pet Costume $13.49

Brown striped cat wearing a dress-up spider costume for cats and small to medium dogs

Yet another spooky-season costume that is guaranteed to get a few jump scares from visitors before they realize it’s your pet hiding under it. Turn your cat or dog into a giant, but sweet and fluffy big-eyed spider with the Rypet Pet Spider Costume this year. The design of this piece is simple, comfortable, and most importantly – adjustable, so you can put it on quickly and without a fuss and go on with your party.

Jonathan Baddley says: “Cutest costume for my black frenchie! He looks like a giant spider, cutest costume. Can’t wait to take my giant spider frenchie trick or treating this year.”

Hopefully you’re able to get your pet into one of these fun costumes—shipped to you fast with MyUS international shipping.

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