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Save Money on Appliances: Tips for Smart Shopping and International Shipping

Not all shopping is created equal. As the price increases, more time is spent considering the purchase. This is especially true for appliances. They come in all shapes, sizes and brands, but paying top dollar isn’t always the smartest investment. Doing a little work up front can save you a lot of money and frustration.

At MyUS, we show you how to maximize your budget and get the best microwave, coffee machine, toaster, blender, mixer,  stove, large or mini refrigerator, washer, dryer, range or any other appliance you need.

Step 1: Research the Brands Available in Your Price Range

Big ticket items like appliances should last and perform well for many years. Most do. Some don’t. That’s why it’s important to do a little research to find the best appliance in your price range. 

A great way to compare appliances is by reviewing them at Consumer Reports. Sign up for a 1-month subscription for less than US$7. Find Consumer Reports here.

Step 2. Shop Online from Stores that Have the Best Deals

Once you know the exact appliance you want, the real fun begins: finding the best price online. It's easy when you comparison shop from trusted websites like these:

Let's face it, most online shopping starts—and stops—here. You don't get to be the largest online retailer by overpricing customers. There are some great appliance deals on Amazon. Visit


If you like the challenge of finding a better deal than you ever thought possible, eBay is the site for you. Try your hand at an auction or "make an offer". You could save hundreds. Visit


This big-box retailer specializes in home improvement and appliances. There are great savings here, and they often have seasonal sales. Visit

Sears Department Stores

Find great deals on the items families use most, including appliances both big and small. Visit

QVC Channel (Quality, Value, Convenience)

The famous TV retailer is also available online with most of the same great products and deals. QVC is great at giving you more for your money. Visit

US Appliance

Discount pricing, daily deals and top brand names. Whatever new home convenience you're looking for, you'll be able to find it here at a great price. Visit

As you compare prices on identical models across these sites, be sure to consider each site's special offers, such as Free Shipping to your MyUS suite, "Sign Up" offers, closeouts and flash sales.

If you don’t mind a scratch or a slight imperfection or two, another great way to save is to look for demo, open box or "scratch and dent" deals. You'd be amazed how much you can save for a little scratch in the paint.

Step 3. Get the Best International Shipping Rates from a Trusted Company

Once you do the math and find the right price, the decision to buy is easy. The decision on who to use for international shipping should be even easier. It’s MyUS, your go-to delivery service for fast, reliable and affordable shipments to the country you call home.

Remember, MyUS can ship most appliances to you even if the store you bought it from doesn't directly ship to your country! Join today and you could be shopping internationally with ease in minutes.

We have made all efforts to provide the most accurate and available shopping options for our members. Some of the featured items or merchants listed may have purchase or payment restrictions, or may restrict purchases to certain countries. Always check the merchant’s website for their shipping guidelines, terms and conditions for more information.



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