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How The Maldives Shops For Eid

Want to ship your Eid gifts to The Maldives? We've gathered the numbers on the top US stores and gifts our Maldives shoppers love to buy and send back home with MyUS.

Infographic showing the top stores and products shoppers in The Maldives are buying from the US for Eid

Why are Maldives shoppers using MyUS?

Ramadan is the season to give to others and thousands of observers want to make sure they can give family and friends exactly what they want for Eid.

MyUS makes it fast and convenient for you to give the gifts everyone wants from the US and ship them back home easily. Our process is simple:

  1.  Become a MyUS member online
  2. You'll receive a personal US address to ship your purchases to
  3. When your purchases arrive, we'll ship them directly to you or conveniently pack multiple purchases into one box to save you even more on international shipping
  4. Your packages arrive fast!

Not to mention, when you ship your Eid gifts with MyUS, you'll automatically be entered to win a bundle of tech gifts for the whole family!

Shipping rates to The Maldives start as low as $24.99! Don't miss out on the lowest international shipping rates from the #1 rated company. 



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