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More Control and Faster Service Come to Your Inbox

Starting today, you can now request special services—like having your package checked or splitting merchandise out of a package-with just a few clicks! We have automated this process to give you more control over your packages and get your package service requests worked more quickly than ever before.

More Control and Faster Responses

In the past, you may have emailed Customer Service when your packages needed special attention.

While our dedicated account managers love to help, this new process sends your request straight to our warehouse operations team, directly from your inbox.

That means you can choose the actions you want to take, and we’ll send you an email confirmation right away.

How to Make Package Service Requests from Your MyUS Inbox

When you log in to your account, you’ll now see a drop-down menu to the right of each package in your inbox. To request a package service, just click the selection box for the package that needs attention and select one of the following actions:
·         Split Package ($15) – If you need to remove an item from a package in your suite--maybe to send it to a different address or hold it to ship later, for example—you can do so using the Split Package feature (otherwise we consolidate your packages free of charge to save you on shipping costs). When you choose this option, just use the text box to tell us which item or items to remove and we will set them aside for special treatment. Please be as specific as possible when describing the item(s) to split.  
·         Return to Sender ($7) – When you select this option, will attempt to return the package or items in the package to the merchant if the merchant included or can provide a pre-paid return label. If you cannot obtain a pre-paid label, you must create a new ship request to return the package to the merchant. If you only want to return a portion of the items in the package, but not the entire package, note that you must first use the Split Package feature above to separate the items you wish to return.
·         Check Package ($7) – Use this option if you have a question about an item in your suite. If you need to check the color or size of an item, for example, or just verify that the correct item is in your suite, you can use Check Package to ask a representative to personally verify any detail you request. Please be as clear and detailed as possible with your request when asking to check a package.
·         Discard (Free) – Use this option to remove a package or item from your suite without returning to the merchant. Note that this option will discard the entire package in your suite; if you only want to discard a portion of the items in the package, you must first use the Split Package feature above—and receive confirmation that we have completed the request--to separate the items for discard.
In most cases, will complete the actions you request within two to three business days. If you have an urgent request and need to take action more quickly, you can always mark the action “Urgent” for a fee of only US $5 and we will handle your request within one to two business days.

Need Help?

Now that we have given you more control and faster service, your inbox may look a little different. If you have any questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping Internationally with MyUS.
Or if you need any assistance using these new features, our Customer Service department is here to help. Contact us by clicking “Live Chat” at the top right corner of this page.


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